Job Problems & young people Essay

Applying for your first job? You might want to know what types of problems you might face. As you start your new job, you might face some common problems young people have in their first job, such as environmental problems, mental problems and older coworkers. You could avoid these problems with a little help and knowledge. By the end of this essay, you will have an idea of how to avoid these common problems. First, most people have environmental problems in their new jobs. Environmental problems usually occur in the place you work, this includes your office and the entire workplace, For example, some young workers don’t feel comfortable working in small rooms or offices. Therefore you could avoid this problem by making sure that you chose the right environment for you. Avoiding this problem is an important thing because if you don’t feel comfortable you wont be able to do your job as as well.

Second, the majority of young people who have new jobs have anxiety. For example, you could be scared and afraid to do something wrong, but you shouldn’t worry because its just the beginning. You will get use to it with time and experience. As a result of this problem, you might be too scared to do anything. You can avoid this problem by taking advice from older and more experienced people. You should also talk to your coworkers. They can help you feel comfortable and unafraid to do what you think is right.

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Last, older coworkers could add extra pressure on you and it could make you feel left out. For example, if you are 18-years old and all the others are above 21-years old and they want to go for a drink but you can’t go with them because you’re just eighteen, you will feel left out. To avoid this problem you should choose the job within the age range of your coworkers.

In conclusion, most jobs have at least one of the problems mentioned above, but you should always ask an expert before taking a new job. Therefore you should choose the job that fits you the best.