Job Opportunities Map Essay

Job Opportunities Map

Career Development Plan Title
Project Manager of Drug and Alcohol abuse  prevention program
Key professional and career goals
To consolidate training and start to specialize in program management area
Short term
To undergo program management training
Long term
To earn a Master’s degree in the field of program management
Key points in job description
What is expected to achieve within 4 years?
What actions should be taken to achieve the goal?
Who and What might help?
What requirements should I meet to qualify for my desired job?
Be skilled in

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Program development,

program management,



HR management,

Monitoring and evaluation,

Financial issues

Volunteer opportunities


Searching and applying to a university

Advancing in the positions of program assistant, program monitor

Assistant to the program manager

Program manager

Web research




Master’s degree,

Work experience,

Expertise in the selected field,

Knowledge in management,

Excellent communication and networking skills,

Excellent leadership skills

Expertise in human resource management knowledge and skills

Monitoring and evaluation knowledge and experience

Creative and critical thinking

The above map is a career plan starting from a position focused on Substance Abuse and Behavorial Counselor. The person intends to develop the skills and pair with the ambitions to be promoted to the position of a program manager dealing with problems of alcohol and drug abuse.

Although the previous work experience has given a clear view on how programs preventing alcohol and drug abuse should be developed and directed, there are a great number of skills, knowledge and development and change of personal perceptions have to be done. Trainings on program proposal writing, program management, leadership, communication, networking, HR management, monitoring and evaluation, team building, budgeting are necessary.

In order to advance up the ladder in a organization one has to have an opportunity to learn, practice and achieve the set tasks, after which the next stage of learning along with gaining experience in the previous position should last for at least1.5 -3 years. Any employee should be given an opportunity to make an attempt and test his/her skills in a higher position. Sometimes the routine tasks involving the desired position are not considered by the person and the employee realizes that the burden which they thought would be pleasant to carry is going to be very heavy. Thus, the organization has to do its best to give a platform for its employees to test and, if succeeded, to advance in their career.