Job Interview Essay

            As educators, we must be able to address the needs of our students. However, challenges and struggles occur, which enable an educator to rethink and reevaluate strategies that can help facilitate improved outcomes for students. By doing this, each one of us can balance the fast paced environment in education and for students to do well in different evaluation mechanisms.

            Seeing that more than 50% of the students failed the examination, here are the necessary steps I wish to do to address the issue. First, I will try to look into both the method of instruction as well as the examination to determine if there are irrelevant items or objectives that are not congruent with each other. If ever I see that various points that are lacking or have not been addressed, I will try to revamp my lesson plan in the next course to coincide with the objectives. The next thing I will try to consider is the motivation of students. I will try to ensure that students can exhaust the relevant information and skills in that particular subject. Lastly, prior to the examination, I will review my students of the things tackled so as to refresh and give them an idea of what shall be included in the evaluation. This can give them the time and opportunity to focus on things that are necessary and important.

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            On the other hand, seeing the diversified environment of educational institutions in Chicago, I believe that an educator must have the sufficient experience and competence to handle such complex situation. Seeing this, I have the necessary experience in handling various cultures that can provide me with the necessary skills and insight to handle such challenge. Second, the teacher must aspire for betterment and further education. This is important because with the rising challenges in the realm of education, having the appropriate skills can help make the job easier to handle. Looking at my background, I have immersed myself in various training, developmental programs and education to make myself dynamic and competitive in my profession. Lastly, the dedication to serve and persevere is another criterion that I have that makes me credible for the position. In the past few years, I have immersed myself to various teaching endeavors to individuals and groups who need it the most. By engrossing into these different scenario’s, I begin to realize what matters most in life and what things should be taken into deeper consideration.

            On the other hand, I also have my personal qualities that I look for in every educational institution. The first one involves having a harmonious working environment with colleagues and students. This means that the school must be interested in transforming and developing growth for each employee. Another feature that I look for is its ability to provide learning and training for each educator. Though it is the responsibilities of each educator to sustain and develop individual learning, by facilitating measures that will make teachers grow, schools can foster increased outputs and drastic results. Lastly, regardless of the compensation, educational institutions must also be a good training ground for me to enhance and expand my skills as a teacher. By providing me the needed environment, I can extract the experience and use it to spread out my horizons in teaching and motivating students to learn.