Job internship Essay

Job internship essay

            Ever since childhood, I have always been fascinated with the different structural designs and the complexities that underlie within it. I always wanted to be part of an industry that supervises the implementation of planning and management of infrastructures such as bridges, reservoirs, railroads as well as highways. From then on, I have envisioned my future career path heading towards completing a degree that would allow me to put into reality my childhood dream.

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I saw Construction Engineering Management with an emphasis on Facility Management as a degree that would help me in fulfilling my objectives, and right now I am on my last semester as a senior student at the California State University Long Beach. I have majored initially in Business Administration and my strong background in the field of business and management has significantly helped me in developing more of my conceptual and technical abilities that greatly affect my decision to pursue another course which is Construction engineering Management. During the past years of my study, I have put my best foot forward in achieving all the possible knowledge that I could obtain from my professors. I view my everyday school life as a challenge that could strengthen my personality as a whole. I believe that my efforts have paid off because I am about to graduate this fall.

 Alongside with the education that my professors and the books have imparted with me, the experiences that I have in working with all the key people during my past jobs and internships have greatly stimulated my desire to further understand the path that I chose. I was able to work as an intern field engineer and project recorder, a Cad drafter and a computer repair technician. Because of these experiences, I became familiar with all the office electronics and peripherals and had hands-on experience in trouble shooting and setting up electronic equipments like computers, printers, wifi, networks and software installations. Generally, I always get excited in performing tasks that could motivate me to explore and try new things despite of the fact that there are various risks involved.

. Over the years that I was able to partake various job experiences and internships in different sectors yet, I still yearn to increase my understanding in the field of construction and management and that to be able to work with a different set of key people. Having the opportunity to work with experienced engineers would be a great opportunity for me to further learn all the aspects of the industry. I wanted to take a glimpse of what it is like to be in the real world of engineering. I wanted to get a hold of all the copies of the projects that a team is supposed to do, work closely with project managers and engineers in a project implementation; I wanted to feel all the pressures of the whole process of project completion which involves proposals, bidding preparations, coordination and tight schedules. And at the end of the day, although I am tired I would be happy enough to know that I managed to pull it off and work with people who put great importance on their jobs.

            Years from now, I could see myself being very successful in the field that I have chosen. I could see myself putting into practice all the knowledge that I have gained from my education and field experiences, and be able to share it with other individuals who are aspiring to take the same pursuit. I am confident that my competitiveness, clear goal orientation and my ability to work with people of diverse background is a powerful tool that would enable me to surpass all the odds that I am about to face.

I believe that my desire to fully understand all the ins and outs of the industry, alongside with the entire job experiences that I have in the past would be able to help me adapt to the changes and the challenges that your company had set. Moreover, the opportunities that your company has presented would be a ground for me to follow a path that encompasses all the things that I have to know, which in the long run would be able to help me in completing the degree that would help me fulfill my aspirations.