Job Description of Front Office Supervisor Essay

Job Description of Front Office Supervisor

The job of a front office supervisor in the hotel would encompass a wide range of skills and responsibilities. You would be expected to carry out the following functions and achieve the best possible results for the benefit of the management and satisfaction of the customers. To achieve these dual objectives you would have to:

·         Facilitate professional and efficient execution of a comprehensive series of duties related to each complete guest cycle.

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·         Direct shifts to front office clerks

·         Ensure smooth and efficient operation of each assigned shift

Ensure that all policies, procedures, and controls are understood and adhered to by shift personnel.
Hire, coach and promote new incumbents.
Discipline those personnel who are not following the rules and regulations set by the management.
Schedule the shifts, direct, measure performance and monitor all the personnel in order to ensure that they have clear understanding of their job roles.
Motivate personnel to make them satisfied with their work and to extract the best from them.
Ensure high satisfaction level of the guests.
Ensure that monthly goal for room sales are met.
Operate Front Desk, Reservations, and PBX smoothly without any functional problem.
Support employees with operational knowledge.
Help employees with difficult guests and guiding them on appropriate manners.
Prepare FLASH report
Manage package reservations, group reservations, VIP room block, room sales check

Manage booking status to be “sold out”

Efficient management and time to time up gradation of hotel website.

Check call accounting system and updating it regularly.

Keep track of office supplies and ordering according to requirements.

Check group booking files and group booking status with cut off date.

 Select and recommend employees for any special perks or promotion

Collect employee votes during decision making times and keeping the HR department informed about the consensus.
Write evaluations for annual appraisal.
Check the office maintenance status.

Attend all the meetings whether it is related to special events or day-to-day activities.
Ensure good relations with other departments of the hotel by accommodating requests from departments like Catering, HR, Accounting, etc.
Keep track of the work schedules of every personnel.
Modify front office policies and procedures when required.
We are looking for an experienced person with a pleasing personality who is able to effortlessly multitask and keep the customers smiling with his aptitude and skills. If selected, you should be able to act as the binding agent of the entire publics of the organization. You should be ready to fight all hurdles to execute your job responsibilities without loosing track of the deadline.

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