Job analysis and selection Essay

            Job analysis forms the most important aspect of employee selection process. There is every need to obtain a well knowledgeable and experienced human resource team. This can only be done through thorough examination of the company’s goals to establish what qualities the human resource department should look into when hiring. Job analysis is the process of identifying specifications and nature of the job in question. It must include the tasks to be undertaken including the nature, duties and responsibilities (job description) and the characteristics of the ideal person fit to take up the position (job specifications). Cascio (2006) notes that a good job analysis helps in selection of the best candidate. Apart from these, a job analysis will help in establishing training programs, remuneration packages and establish a criterion for checking staff performance and appraisal.

            InterClean will be going into a new direction and similarly its operation will have to adapt to fit into new direction. This means that there will be need to come up with a highly talented team to take up the new challenge. While integrating knowledge and experience, it is also important to look into staff’s ability to keep track on emerging issues in sanitation and cleaning systems. Considering that Envirotech has been basing their sales on developing good customer relations, sensitizing the employees on customer service will be of great importance so as to maintain customers. Due to the merger, there will be need for training so that the sales team may learn about both company’s products.

            There are six positions to be filled in the new sales team for Interclean: The Vice President of sales (1 position); Sales manager (1 position); Outside sales representative (4 positions).

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The president of sales

            Job description: The president of sales will be directly answerable to the president of Interclean. His/her duties will include: Liaising with suppliers to ensure steady supply of cleaning products, ensuring his department works in a coordinated way to achieve best results, build customer base through leasing with organisations making use of Interclean services and products as well as conduct team training and appraisal from time to time.

            Job specifications: The ideal candidate should have at least a degree in sales and marketing from a recognised university. Masters will be an added advantage. He or she should also posess vast experience in sales with a proven record of meeting sales targets, have good communication and interpersonal skills as well as be well conversant with the industry cleaning products and services.

Sales manager

            Job description: The sales manager will be answerable to the vice president of sales. He may also be accountable to the president if need be. Main duties include: co-coordinating the outdoor sales representatives to ensure sales targets are met, collect and handle any customer complaints, ensure co-ordination between stakeholders including supply vehicles to ensure proper service delivery and also organise departmental meetings to check the progress of the same.

            Job specifications: The candidate should have at least a degree in sales and marketing, proven record of past experience in sales of industrial cleaning products, posess good customer relation skills, and also prove that he can be a team leader.

Outdoor sales representative

            Job description: The outdoor sales representative will be responsible for making direct sales; he/she will represent the company to the customer and will be responsible to the sales manager. The outdoor sales representative will also be required to handle any customer complain while in the field and report any difficult cases to the sales manager.

            Job specifications: The candidate should posess a degree in sales and marketing, proves of experience in aggressive sales with a record of meeting sale targets, good communication and customer relations skills.

            There will be six employees in the sales department. The vice president and sales manager are on permanent employment with a basis monthly salary. Their performance will determine future salary reviews. All outdoor sales representatives are on a two year contract which will be renewed after staff appraisal to determine their performance. Compensation is base salary with a bonus potential in order to encourage hard work and results.

            After careful selection among the candidates, the following members make up the best team for Interclean. All employees have been taken from the Interclean and Envirotech hence employee retention method was used. Information from previous appraisal reports and performance were used to select the preferred candidates. An interview was then done to come up with the final list comprising of the best team.

            Vice president of sales will be Jim Martin. Jim proves to be the ideal candidate for this job especially after considering his experience in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. He is capable of embracing new ideas and always meets his sales plan, sometimes even exceeding it. He will also be invaluable in customer care relations.

            Tom Gonzalez will take up position of Sales manager. Tom being from Envirotech where they value team work and customer relations will be able to lead the team of the well selected outdoor sales representative. His ability to come up with solution based products for customers also comes in handy.

            Outdoor sales representatives will include:

            Susan Burnt; Susan comes with a good combination of skills from previous jobs including customer care, purchasing and distribution which combined with her sales aggressiveness earns her a position in the team.

            Eric Borden: Eric is an all round sales representative whose ability to deal with customers, team leadership skills and knowledge of latest developments in the industry makes him suitable for the job. He has also shown he can do other things apart from marketing and in future he could even be transferred to another department.

            Dennis White: Need for young blood in the team cannot be overlooked. Dennis is capable of making many sales due to his aggressiveness and convincing power.

            Ving Hsu: Ving has good customer care skills and easily handles customer problems. He can also help in training of employees as he has been doing at Envirotech.


Cascio, W. (2006). Managing Human Resources: Productivity, quality of work life profits, 7th Ed.         New York: McGraw-Hill, chapters 5-7.