Jesus had enough faith in Jesus that

is the central figure of Christianity and Roman Catholic. As a Roman Catholic, I
was taught that Jesus reconciled us with God by dying on the cross for our
sins, and he was raised from the dead after three days. I learned that Jesus is
merciful and the savior of the humanity. This interterm I got the opportunity
to take basic issues of faith and life class, and I was introduced to Gospel of
Luke.  For Luke, Jesus is our savior of
the world with his love and compassion for everyone, whether rich or poor, good
or sinful, and Jew or foreigner. Luke’s gospel is very different from other
gospels because Luke focuses on Jesus’s helping the poor and the outcasts. Especially,
Jesus performed so many miracles as healing the sick resulting in them being accepted
back into the community because they have faith in him. Having faith and belief
that God can actually heal people in the gospel of Luke because in the gospel
of Luke, if the person had enough faith and belief in Jesus that he could actually
heal one.

There are
so many time that Jesus would ask the person he was wanting to heal whether or
not that person had enough faith and belief in him that he could actually heal
them. Once that person said he had enough faith in Jesus that he could actually
heal him, then Jesus would move in to heal him. For example, in Luke 5, Jesus
heals a man with leprosy after he begged Jesus, “Lord, if you are willing, you
can make me clean.” Or when Jesus forgives and heals a paralyzed man when Jesus
saw their faith because they showed Jesus that they have faith in him by asking
him to heal their friends. Jesus healed the paralyzed man because his friends wished
for him to be healed and not them. This showed Jesus how much they cared about
their friends.

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 The most profound of all miracles Jesus
performed during his early journey of salvation are those in which he
resurrected someone. Besides healing the man with leprosy and paralysis, Jesus
also raised a son of the widow women from the dead. I think it is truly
difficult to imagine what it might have meant to a widow to lose her only son. She
did not have anything left after losing her husband and her only son. It was
hard to survive at the time when women did not have any power in that society
without her husband and her son. Moreover, as Jesus traveled to the town with
his followers, he saw a dead child was being carried out. After Jesus saw the
widow, he miraculously brought the dead child back to life and gave him back to
his mother as he saw her, his heart went out to her and he said, “Don’t cry.” It
is interesting to hear him comfort as a human being because that is how a
person comfort someone when seeing that person is in pain or suffer. In Luke 8,
Jesus also raises a dead girl and heals a sick woman. I believe that faith is a
strong belief from deep within us. The sick woman knew that Jesus was a great
healer. Everything he touches would be filled with awesome power. She figured
that by touching the end of his cloak. She would be healed with no one
noticing. Her faith was believing that even the clothes of Jesus would heal her