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JANE EYRE – CHARLOTTE BRONTE”Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte is an English novel which follows the heroical experiences as well as the evolution of the main character, Jane Eyre, and for this reason it may be considered a bildungsroman. Besides this, the novel includes also other types of patterns, as picaresque, gothic and fairy tale. Jane Eyre, at the beginning of the novel is presented as the ten years old orphan girl, who escapes her real life full of privations by reading books and using them in order to imagine that her life is different.The setting is an important element of gothic literature, the action taking place in castles or old, large manors. Here a part of the action takes place in such manors, Gateshead, Moor House and Thornfield. Inexplicable elements, or supernatural, are also something representativve for the gothic, which can be found in Jane Eyre as well.The way in which she was treated by Mrs. Reed, her cruel aunt who hates her because of the simple fact that she has always thought that her deceased husband lover her more than their own children and that’s why he asked her to raise Jane the same way she was going to raise their three children. The relation between Jane and her aunt who always punishes her for no reason is very similar to the relationship between children and step parents we find frequently in fairy tales. She has to spend an undetermined period of time in the Red Room, a room where her uncle had died. Another one would be towards the end of the book, when she isn’t yet set on marrying her cousin and she hears Mr. Rochester calling her.Jane’s first encounter with Mr. Rochester in the woods and the way she helped him after he had fallen from his horse without knowing they were going to live in the same house (when he calls her ”a sprite”), fact which has a counterpart in the end of the novel when Jane becomes again Mr. Rochester’s main help as she was supposed to guide him, to be his ”governess” because he was blind. Another fantasy element is the moment when Mr. Rochester and Jane are preparing their wedding for the first time and during their travel he compares her to a ”fairy”. The end of the novel which is a ”happy end” leads to the idea of fairy tale, as well. A gothich element would be a man of the clergy playing an evil role. Mr. Brocklehurst and Mrs. Reed try to put Jane in a bad light before her schoolmates and teachers. Along with that he also tries to make her life harder by trying to make everyone not talk to her. That and the fact that he prefers to keep the money instead of allowing the girls to get a proper meal and decent clothing for the winter proves that he is an evil character that represents a clergy man.Jane Eyre is a novel in which the author combines gothic elements with fantasy and realistic ones in order to present the evolution of the main character, from the poor orphan girl to the woman who succeeded in life by her own.