Jake Hitchcock i believe Essay

Jake Hitchcock

            I believe that you should always do the dirty work first. At my first job I worked at Sky Cycle as a salvage worker which is not what I had intended on starting as. Working as a salvage worker was very tedious work that always was done outside weather is was raining or snowing. My task was to dismantle all of the junk motorcycles that were too old to ride or crashed.

            Everyday started with my boss Fred Laberge saying “Jake go tear apart that shitty ZX1100R”. After pulling and cutting every last seized bolt out of that bike I would begin tearing apart the motor and then leaving it to start on a new project. This work seemed so pointless, tear a bike apart and leave it, a two day job for nothing. Little by little it was all becoming a realization to me all of these little tasks that Fred would have me do was all making sense. Slowly I was learning many more things that I hadn’t known and would need to become a mechanic in the shop. I had learned literally every piece on a motorcycle from the motor to the electrical system this makes it a lot easier to diagnose a problem when I was working in the shop. For me doing the dirty work was diffidently the best experience working at Sky in the sense that it was a learning experience and now I was able to take my skills in to the shop with confidence instead of being outside all day. Finally I got to do what I had applied for.

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            Not always doing the dirty work first can mean that you will be learning it can also mean that you will be respectfully growing up the ladder and earn that higher position. At my latest job I work for a construction company called The Hillside Group. At this job site was probably the most frustrating job that I have ever work for. All day I would get told to go dig trenches that could be one hundred and ninety feet long but my super that was only 4 years older than me. He started as a foreman and worked to a super within the first job. All day he would say “hey kid pick up the #%$in shovel and start digging”. I would sit in that trench all day long watching the equipment run around me wishing that I would be able to operate soon. Soon enough I was in the equipment and letting the shoveling get done by the new kid.

            Always doing the dirty work first doesn’t always give you a learning experience but also a growing one. Starting out at the bottom and working your way up to the top is always the most rewarding and you will always learn either way.