ITT Technology Essay

XYZ Inc. has a small office with 80 users in California. The office employs a file and print server that caters to user requests. Recently users have complained that it takes a lot of time to retrieve files from the server. In addition users have also complained that at times it takes a while to service print requests. A network administrator of XYZ Inc. says that this is occurring because the network is not functioning at performance levels. What do you think are some possibilities for the cause of the problem? If making assumptions, please state what those assumptions are. What do you think would be possible solutions? Include a drawing of the topology that should be used and what types of networks you propose would work here and the accompanying justification. The problem to this scenario could be a number of things, but we are trying to fix at a small cost and like I have always been told start with the cheapest solution first sometimes it’s just a simple fix. The first thing I would do is make sure none of the components are overheating even though the servo room should be climate controlled (you never know).

Check cables for missing insulation, check connection. Check hardware. If the problem continues check the bandwidth on the Network and see if there is any lag or if the speed is the problem, if speed is the problem you may have to add memory to the servo to speed up the network or you may have a faulty memory stick. I think after these checks if the problem continues maybe try different cable, or add more servers. As far as the choice of Network I would use a LAN network due to the fact that all 80 users are in 1 building and can be linked by cable (which is faster than wireless). Bus topology should be used I chose to use a LAN network and this is very compatible with that network and, because we are sending and receiving data this is the most efficient design. This will make it easier to add more computers and if 1 computer fails then it doesn’t affect the others which could help pin point problems in a network, lets you decide if it’s a computer or network issue you are having. This is a basic setup and can be the most reliable in this type of scenario.

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