It Thus, began a change in woman’s

         It can be said that before the Great War, women position in
society was a strict and righteous one. For instance, most women devoted their
whole life to take care of their household more like a maid, wife or mother.
That is, they spent their time taking care of their children and house. It
meant that women’ labour was so limited for the fact of being women, as they
were considered to be weak people unable of deal with hard work.  They had no chance to progress in life, so they
were dependent on men for everthing.

         Before describing how WWI changed women’s life, it is
necessary to describe how women’s life before the breaking out of the Great War

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         Due to the fact of that men were off at war, women began to
take an important role in society as they replaced men’s place in many kinds of
jobs.  They were eager to do their bit to
support their side and confront this harsh situation for everybody.

         The shortage of men in the nation is one reason why women’s
life changed during the war. Men were the main source of workers to do special
kinds of works, so a solution had to be found to cope with losing men fighting
overseas. Before the war, just men could get a job. It was not equal for women
who could only work as maids. Moreover, these kinds of tasks were left for women
as it was not a heavy one as it was believed that women were the only one to do

The conflict between
the allies and the central powers was a hostile war that involved many
countries in both sides, affecting them severely. So to get over it, military
service was needed to fight on either side. That’s’ why men aged from 18 years old
were recruited to go and defend their nation, leaving many vacant workplaces.  Men who were conscripted into the armed
forces had no choice, but to go and fight, even if they didn’t want to. Consequently,
it gave rise to a serious shortage of men in jobs which were reserved only for
their gender.  Thus, began a change in
woman’s lives.