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It was the first internship that I applied for at a student start-up, just 4 months into college. I got selected as a marketing intern for ‘Friendship on Wheels’, a tourism company, for a month during my winter breaks and that was the time that I developed my interest in marketing. Furthermore, I was a team member of ENACTUS at my college. We worked on a project wherein our aim was to provide the local potters with skills that could help them sell their products. It was while working and interacting with them that I realized how their business had been affected due to the lack of proper information about the utility of their products and also due to its inefficient marketing. Consequently, I had attended a few seminars and then researched how the local handicraft industry had suffered. I had decided then that I would contribute to these small scale producers by helping them market their products .Although, a career in marketing was not always what I had planned, but all the experiences that I had during my internship’s in marketing made it clear what I had to do in future

I was fortunate to have two most enriching experiences in the field of marketing during my college years. I worked with The Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd and Nava Bharat Media Solutions as an intern and acquired a practical understanding of marketing and management respectively. At ‘The Printers (Mysore)’ I worked was an intern in Sales and Marketing and got hands on knowledge about customer-client relationship management, processing of advertisements and management of accounts. On the other hand, during my internship at Nava Bharat in management I had the opportunity to hone my communication skills, learned how to multi-task and also got to interact with experienced managers. I became aware of the role that efficient marketing and management plays in the success or failure of a company.  Most importantly, I recognized what my future would be like if I made a career in marketing management my choice.  

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Nevertheless, my other experiences also prepared me for a career as a marketing manager. I was the president of my department. My responsibilities included the management of the events that took place in the department, marketing of the events, dealing with sponsors, supervision of various tasks and managing accounts. Similarly, I had also assisted in management of the Battle of Bands- an event that was organized by my college band, each year- and numerous events and seminars.

Apart from these, my course also helped me gain certain skills relevant for a career in marketing. The curriculum for my bachelor’s degree in political science provided me with analytical, reasoning, debate and communication skills. The short courses that I took in economics and sociology gave me knowledge about the market and consumer behaviour and human behaviour in various the social settings, respectively.

With the growing competition, it is a necessity to have relevant experiences and most importantly a graduate level education in order to succeed and grow in your chosen career.  The coursework within the degree name at your prestigious institution will tell what it will do. In the future, I also plan to pursue a degree in Executive MBA to widen my knowledge and perspective on business functions. All the knowledge and the experiences that I gain while studying at your institution will allow me to outset my career and take me one step closer to achieving my goal.