IT Operations, Controls, Reporting, and Maintenance Essay

IT Operations, Controls, Reporting, and Maintenance

            Like other online programs reviewed previously, Project Desk is an online software or program that is used by individuals or organizations who want to obtain access to project and task management tools. Since the online market seems to be satiated with various programs or software that provide services for the purpose of project management, each program or software should be able to provide services that are unique and innovative. This is part of obtaining competitive advantage over other entrants within the market of online project management tools. The remainder of this text will discuss the structure of Project Desk, determining its advantages and disadvantages over its competitors and the program’s importance to project managers and business organizations.

            The basic structure of Project Desk is similar to other online programs previously reviewed, such as Basecamp, Ace Project, iTeamwork, and Plan Projects, such that it allows project managers and other members of the organization to organize projects and tasks within the same database online. Project management through Project Desk does not only focus on project and task entries, the identification of the schedule or due date for projects and tasks, and the option to mark finished projects and tasks, but also on the management of teams or individuals who are involved in the accomplishment of projects or tasks. This particular feature is similar to the basic features of iTeamwork such that both features allow the assignment and management of teams or individuals who will be delegated to complete particular projects and tasks. This particular feature also comes with features that allow two-way communication between project managers or members of the organization and the teams or members of each team.

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            The similarities between Project Desk, Basecamp, and Plan Projects are the file sharing option , task or time tracking, and the feature allowing project managers and members of the organization to track down the progress of projects and tasks. These three features are highly important in monitoring or supervising the progress of the projects and tasks by allowing them to track down deadlines, requirements, and status reports. The file sharing option is highly instrumental in facilitating communication between project managers, teams, and team members as the exchange of information and clear communication between fosters efficient work productivity.

            Another feature that Project Desk offers for its client includes a service similar to Plan Project’s freelance option. Plan Project allows project managers to employ freelancers who are willing to accomplish projects and tasks for them. The transaction is convenient as it may be done online, and the compensation for hired freelancers may be transferred through PayPal. Project Desk also provides this feature by allowing project managers to contact individuals all over the world who would be able to accomplish several projects and tasks for them. Project managers may take advantage of talented, knowledgeable, skilled, and competent individuals in different parts of the world through this particular feature of Project Desk. The communication services of Project Desk – including file sharing, electronic messaging, and discussion boards, facilitate the communication process between project managers and freelancers all over the world.

            Overall, the structure of Project Desk is a combination of the features and services provided by other online project management tools. With this in mind, I believe that Project Desk is the most efficient tool for project managers and business organizations in managing their projects and tasks as it combines the services that other project management tools provide individually. Aside from the variety of features and services provided by Project Desk enhances its structure by establishing a brilliant and impressive design or interface. Project managers will take pleasure in the sleek and organized design of the Project Desk which is similar to Basecamp. The other project management tools reviewed presented simple, and for some, uninteresting designs that are somewhat unattractive and dull. Project Desk purposefully targeted the visual or graphical elements of the tool by adding vibrant colors, well-organized taskbar, and an interface that allows easy navigation through the pages.

            Perhaps the ability of Project Desk to take on the various features available in other project management tools and adapt and improve it as its basic structure is the most important, beneficial, and advantageous dimension of the online program. Project managers will be able to find similar services found in various project management tools in a single program, making it fairly easy to manage projects and tasks, and freeing them from subscribing to numerous project management tools just to obtain the advantageous features or services in each one. In addition, signing up for one single project manage tool online will save cost as opposed to signing up for a variety of online tools that offer the needs and requirements of project managers individually.

            Considering the four project management tools including Project Desk, I would say that this particular program is the most beneficial of all. While other programs focus on providing unique services and failing to offer other equally important features, Project Desk considered this issue by incorporating numerous services into one software or program for the benefit of its clients.