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It starts off with Clay battling with Kestrel in Battle practice and they get into an argument where Kestrel tells him to toughen up and fight back but she overwhelms him and Tsunami steps in to stop Kestrel and help Clay. Tsunami tells Kestrel she should be more nice but Kestrel argues with her but then walks away. Tsunami asks if he is alright he says he is and the head back to the main cave. Once there she shoves him in the cold underground river to help heal his burns from the fight. She then talks to clay about them escaping and seeing the world and making their own life. She then says she has a plan to escape from the caves that they have been trapped in since they hatched and supposedly *protected*. He agrees with her but asks her if they should tell sunny, she says no because they couldn’t trust her to keep a secret because she accidentally blabbed about their last escape plan a couple years ago to Dune one of their guardians. He then gets out of the water and goes into one of the rooms to study with sunny, starflight, and glory as well as tsunami. Once in there they decide to act out a play of how the war began in the first place.          Later that night they find out by listening in on the guardians conversation that Morrowseer was coming for a visit which he has never done before. The next day Morrowseer arrives inspecting all the dragonets. He is greatly displeased that Glory is there because it calls for a Skywing not a Rainwing, but the others tell him that the egg was smashed when trying to get it here by Burn so they had to improvise. He then all of a sudden attacks Tsunami and Clay and sunny retaliate trying to defend her while Glory and Starflight stayed where they were. He then stops and says it was a test and was pleased by sunny and Clay but not by Glory and Starflight. He then pulls Starflight away for awhile to have a private talk with him, and Kestrel and Dune turn on Tsunami. Starflight later returns and Clay asks him what they talked about but he was reluctant. He then sees that Tsunami is getting chained so that she doesn’t try anything while the guardians discuss what to do. Clay goes through the underground river to et to them and listen in on their conversation. He finds out that they plan to kill Glory. The group frantically decides to go along with their plan to send Clay down the underground river to see if it leads outside instead of sending Tsunami. He then found another cave that he used to rest and catch his breath, he looked up and thought he saw stars but then saw that they were glow worms. After he caught his breath and he then heard roaring and thought it was from one of their guardians but it was coming from down the river not up so he dove back in to follow the sound but comes in contact with a white substance that starts to burn his scales. He falls unconscious but is later woken up by Tsunami. He thought he was back in the cave but realized that she was out of her chains because Starflight and sunny used their fire to save her. She then cleans him of the poison and they keep going through the river until they finally make it outside through the waterfall. The set down by the river for the first time outside and Clay immediately dives into some mud for the first time in his life. They then encounter a scavenger for the first time which appears to be holding jewelry, but the scavenger was being chased by none other than Queen Scarlet. She questions what they are doing here and then thinks Tsunami is a spy but clay and Tsunami attack first leaving her dazed as they make their escape.          They flew as fast as their wings would carry them until they came across a small cave in the mountain that they used to hide and see if they were being followed. They kept looking around until they saw a smoke signal coming from the caves where the other dragonets were hidden. They flew towards the smoke signal and found the entrance and found a secret lever that moved the giant boulder blocking the doorway. They freed their friends but Queen Scarlet found them and brought a bunch of skywing guards with her. Dune sees scarlet and yells at Webs to escape and warn the Talons of Peace while Dune distracts Scarlet. Scarlet and the Dragonets fought them but Dune was killed and the Dragonets were taken prisoner.