Issues Essay


As a vice president of sales and a seeker of external help in order to recruit, develop and retain qualified workers it would be important for the vice president to work on the issues such as legal and political factors which presents challenges and also because of the nature and political stability system may vary from country to country. Another issue that must be a very important one is the economic factor to which the sales vice president may focus because of issues such as employment restriction and wage level variation of different countries. The external help attained by the vice president of sales may face is a high salary requirement by the outsider. As a company may require an external help for qualified workers much qualified should be the external helper as well so that he may be able to be a perfect recruiter, developer and retainer; thus more qualified and skilled be the external person higher the salary is required to be.

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Furthermore an external/outside help may be more complex on the grounds of sales as it may be difficult for the outsiders to understand and adapt to the new environment and to match with the people sooner. As a sales vice president it should be his dire issue to notice that as the employees and the outsider who may be a foreigner as well would be exposed to different laws and regulations and the sales strategy. Lastly, the techno awareness may vary extensively of both the parties. The outside helper would work and train or recruit in such a way that would be symmetrical to his region or country (whatever may be the case). Therefore an outside helper should be selected very carefully keeping in view the surroundings of the qualified workers above all.


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