Issues resources, by choosing products and services



Issues with Profitability

·         One of the most important factor that affect the company’s profitability is customer service and most importantly customer satisfaction

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·         The other part which affect the company’s profitability is which deals with outbound distribution from plants or warehouse is a major part in the success or failure of business.

Other factors which effect the profitability of the firm is long delivery lead times, inventory shortage, delays in response to customer service request.

Strategies to improve profitability

a)    Increase productivity of your staff

b)    Develop new product lines

c)    Find new customers

d)    Find new markets

e)    Customer service

f)     Increase our prices

g)    Price discounts

h)   Retail displays

Issues with Sustainability

Carbon foot print: The emulation of carbon dioxide in atmosphere leads to Global warming which is caused due to transportation, the warehousing and transshipment processes as well.

The other factors that affect the environmental sustainability issues is waste disposal and solid waste disposal related to logistics. Also it includes water pollution, and air pollution while road congestion and land usage were considered as the least important.



Strategies to improve Sustainability

Using a supplier who can meet our standards for environmental and social issues can help you reduce your impacts through your supply chain.

Developing an environmentally sustainable with our customers and Buying sustainable goods and services

Maintaining our own environmental policy that other also have to follow to reduce waste and improve efficiency by achieving greater control over energy, material, water and waste costs and also lead better and easier compliance with legislation

decreasing the amount of waste that we send to landfill could lower our operating costs, and by using energy and water efficient products and services can significantly cut your utility billsdiminish our carbon emissions,  by using renewable energy or buying energy efficient products to reduce our energy useprotect environmental resources,  by choosing products and services that use recycled materials or waste as a raw material or resourcereduce waste sent to landfill, by buying products which can be reused, by creating work for local suppliers or buying fairly traded goods to help improve living and working conditionsdevelop a market for innovative sustainable goods and materials to help the green economy grow and create new green jobsduring patternmaking  the wastage of fabric should be reusedthe packing carton and package should be disposable within few days.



Positive Impacts

I.        Transportation

·         Better roads will lead to a reduction in operational costs, which will have a positive impact on net earnings.

·         A higher allocation for creating road transport network is a key driver for the overall development of the transportation sector.

·         Transport system makes goods and products movable and provides timely and regional efficacy to promote value-added under the least cost principle.

II.        Warehousing

·         ensure goods are preserved and prepare them for distribution or resale

·         improve their presentation or marketable quality

·         To store large shipments because it is much cheaper than packing a retail stores full of excess inventory.

III.        Packing

·         The amount of used packaging being recycled is increasing, businesses can do more to use less packaging, lower costs and reduce waste.

·         Efficient use of packaging can benefit your business through reduced costs, a better relationship with stakeholders and customers, and new sales and marketing opportunities.

·         Can be designed to appeal to target market and can be made to fit in the point of sale

IV.        Procurement

·         Procurement managers can consolidate the requests of numerous departments to assure that a single purchase order and vendor meet the needs of the whole company. This reduces the time it takes to process the requests.

·         Successful procurement professionals expand a fine working relationship with vendors and have the capacity to negotiate to get the best deal.

·       Order large quantities that put you in a strong position to obtain quantity discounts






Negative Impacts

I.            Transportation

·         The number of trips is increased based on the mode of transportation.

·         The average load of single trip is reduced, which means it needs higher carriage if using the same means of transportation

·         Onward connections and deliveries to other locations can be more complex. Identifying different road and rail options and the most cost-effective routes requires specialist knowledge.

II.         Warehousing

·         E-commerce might reduce the number of warehouses and the stock cost. Lack of control by the users.

·         Both vendors and the clients have to share the risk based of type of warehouse we prefer.

III.       Packing

·       Use and dispose of packaging can affect both your income and the environment.

·       Takes a while to be made which might slow down the production of the product as a whole.

·       Cost money to make and Time consuming to design

IV.      Procurement

·         Working with a single vendor limits a company’s ability to shop around for products and solutions that can address a diverse set of needs.

·         Cost-effective in terms of taxes and duties, but far more complex to manage from a global perspective.

·       Security issues, accessibility and acceptance





Environmental Sustainability