Israel-Palestinian conflict Essay

                                   Israel-Palestinian conflict

            When God created man he gave him a female helper and commanded them to procreate and fill the earth. The very first descendants of Adam and Eve who belong to Cain lineage and also called the descendants of Abraham multiplied and filled the vast lands that are the present day the western-Asia and east-Europe. Some of the countries that are found in this region include, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, present day Palestine among other countries.  Biblically, there were frequent wars and raids between clans and cities that inhabited this region and therefore creating animosity between their mutual co-existence amongst them. One such animosity has been between Israel and Palestine, animosity that dates back to 1948 when the Palestinians started agitating to be given self governance.

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            This conflict that has threatened to destabilize the whole of Middle East as all Arab nations within this region has teamed up against Israel. This according to many quarters of reasoning has been a typical case of the fight against t he promised land, with both the parties claiming the legal ownership of the land in dispute.  The Palestinians through the use of the holy Quran argue that the disputed land belong to them while the Israelites equally are adamant that the land belongs to them.   The war therefore can come to a stand still or as well become worse due the involvement of “religious forces” that no creature is able to end especially if the biblical prophecies and episodes are anything to go by., however, it is believed that a permanent solution while be arrived at and return this blessed  into an atmosphere. The book of Daniel 9:27 have been predicted by far many people as being the exact date of the war. [Middle East conflict, 2000]

            Should the two countries sign a peace pact then this would see Israel enjoying peace since 1948 a thing that would make them to lessen their guard which would set the advent of another deadly war typical to that which is reported in the book of Ezekiel 38 and 39 war of the Armargeddon.if by chance If it does come at the beginning of the tribulations, hence it will take the shape of the second seal of revelation 6. The perpetuators of this war are people with quite diverging views, and hence the following books gave been single out as being the main prime movers of the Israel –Palestinian war. [Middle East conflict, 2000]

            The book of Jeremiah 6 speaks of the war against the town of Jerusalem and its wicked leaders whose deeds are a big shame before the eyes of the lord. The worship of idolatry among many other sinful acts provoked the lord and he decided to declare war against Jerusalem and its leaders in order to teach them a lesson. The use of an army from the north by the lord to attack Jerusalem is reminiscent of what is today happening in the disputed Gaza strip between the Israel government and the Palestinian citizens who believe that they should be granted full self leadership and also be given territories like the disputed Gaza strip. This confusion reigns because it has got a biblical backing, Israel feels that their attack on Palestinians is justified as they are defending Jerusalem from foreign invasion. [Jeremiah, 6]

            The book of Ezekiel 38 and 39 for instance talks of Gods prophecy against the people of the Magog. The chapters talks of sovereign state fighting it out to maintain their sovereignty, the prophecy dedicated to the sovereign state of Israel which the lord has earmarked for protection and prosperity, is like a word of encouragement for those whose struggles for a noble cause like fighting for ones sovereignty. The chapter also teaches the citizens of these warring nations that the war for safeguarding ones sovereignty is always long and not time framed it can take few days to several months. [Ezekiel, 38 &39]

            Another book that has been instrumental in the conflict between Israel and Palestine is that of Revelations chapter 6 verses 3 to 4. This verse teaches the people of the Seals of the lord that were given to the chosen group, the verses prepares his people to the reality that the course of the fight will be tricky and that it will needs Gods interventions to return the normal situations. The seals here act as a symbol of Gods authenticity and also the portrayal that the war is God sponsored; the soldiers and their horses are god powered. The angels who also participates in the seal giving process has got as part of their work to protect those who are clean in the eyes of the lord and who will survive the wrath of the soldiers. [Revelations, 6: 3-4]

            The book of I Thessalonians 5:2-11 shows that the day of the lord is soon on the way coming and that it will come with great destruction which will be sudden like the labor pains comes on a pregnant woman. This chapter warns people to live honestly and hardworking (live by the day and not the night) because God has a good plan for us not suffer from wrath but receive salvation. The atrocities that both sides of Israel and Palestine commit against each other is in bid to try and cleanse themselves from un-honest and idle behaviors in preparation for the day of judgment. [I Thessalonians 5:2-11]

            The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been fueled by the state of confusion between the biblical Israel and the Israel we know today, many religiously based organizations have addressed this issue but it seems a hard nut to crack.  [Bern Perspective, 2008]

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