Israel and Palestine Essay

Israel and Palestine


            This paper discusses the war between Israel and Palestine in light of its necessity and its basic cause. While both sides have their own justification to prove their offensive stand, war is a harbinger of death, destruction and never peace. Even though both sides understand this, the protection of one’s territory is considered sacred thus more important. Each side has to compromise and understand that war is a waste to precious human life, an economic waste and an unquenchable quest for more power and territory. (BBC News)


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A saying by David Nelmes (2007) goes “The end of war does not bring peace, it just brings about the end of war.” This saying correctly contradicts the theory of dictators and war mongers to ‘wage is war to bring peace’. In the thousands years of history, we can see a continuous chain of wars and conflicts that ends with the beginning of another. Wars can be described in a single word as ‘deadly’ since numerous lives are sacrificed of the soldiers as well as the civilians. It tarnishes the physical landscape of the country, disrupts trade and economic links while diminishing internal resources. Destruction to such an extent hurts the whole geographic region and creates instability for a very long time to come.

·         Precious loss of human life and resources

·         Economic and trade disaster

A once united state of Palestine was surviving with both Jews and Arabs united against a common enemy in both World Wars. However wars and lobbying created further tensions between the opposing religious groups until an Israel was created out of western pressure (Mideast Web). Even with a named homeland (Israel), the Jews and Palestinians are at conflict with the Jews demanding the vanquishing of Palestinians from the Gaza area controlled by the alleged terrorist group Hamas (Chalmers, 2009). Solution lies in the returning of Israel forces to their marked territory, while the Palestinians agree not to interfere with the Israel territory. The prolonged violence, death and destruction only solution lies in the compromise and the willingness to end the war.

·         Israel should not attack Palestine areas and try to capture it

·         Palestinians must understand that Israelites are there to stay in the area which no longer is theirs alone.

So far in the long history of conflict between the two sides, sit-downs have been rare and un-eventful. Solution is the end of war, yet both parties continue to fight till this day. The end of the war era will bring much awaited stability to the region thus foster economic growth and the ability to live a simple life. Talking this matter out will create goodwill between the two opponents thus allowing friendship and unity between the two. Most importantly the motto of ‘life is sacred’ will be protected and people can once more dream of achieving success rather than just think about survival. (Anderson, 2009)

·         Economic stability

·         Return to normal life

·         Foster prosperity in the region

Protecting life and safeguarding human rights are the basic values of any society and this message is heard and understood by everyone. However throughout the history of humans, all we have seen is conflict; and war as a reason to end that conflict. Not only valuable natural resources and precious lives are being destroyed, more important things in our lives are getting lesser attention example like countries having a higher defense budget than a health budget. The time has come and been overdue for the world to understand that selfish causes make lives harder for self and for others. Conflicts must end peacefully in talks and war must finally end as a means of begetting peace. (Anderson, 2009)

·         Important things deserve proper care like life

·         World must end war once and for all as a means to achieve peace


War has continued and tormented people for too long. A change is required and it is needed fast. This change has to come in the form of a diplomatic talk between the opposing parties that reach a unanimous decision in favor of both sides. War has always brought misery; now is the time to bring life and joy who have suffered the most when peace and independence was their birth right.

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