ISO and Ada Essay

Your plant manager read about ISO 14000 and ADA in a magazine. He wants to understand how these programs will benefit his plant.
a) Describe in 5- 10 sentences how will ISO 14000 program benefit his plant?
b) Describe in 5-10 sentences how will ADA program benefit his plant?


it would help the company in achieving an effective way of managing the environment of the plant.

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it can significantly aid the increase in business traffic of the company as more people would want to identify with a company that is compliant with the ISO 14000 standards.

it would help the company to identify and implement safety measures for its personnel and also keep their workers in good health.

it would help the company improve on the standard of its products.

to help the company to establish specific performance targets

to afford the company the opportunity to continuously train and retrain its staff and provide resources for human development.

allow the company to continuously monitor its performance in terms of product specification to attain international standards.

to allow the company to quickly correct any defect they might discover in the course of production of the goods.

to contain all environmental hazards as soon as possible so as not to cause pollution with all unusable by-products in the course of production.

the ADA PRogram

the AADA program would afford the employers to make adequate provision disabled employees.

to help integrate the physically challenged individuals into the mainstream of the society.

make the means of movement (transportation) accessible to disabled employyes with the aim of  decreasing the strain on them, so that transportation becomes easier to them.

the act is also to protect the personal interest of both the employer and the employee so that disabled employees do not make frivolous claims and also that the employers would not infringe on the right to dignity of labor.

so that employees can make adequate provisions for employees with sustabtially limits so as not to inundate them with jobs they cannot perform