Is It Important for a Child to Have Both Parents? Essay

As it takes two people to bring a child into the world, it takes two to bring a child up. Mothers and fathers are equally important at various stages of life. In a perfect world, all kids would have a mom and a dad that lived together and loved each other. But we don’t live in a perfect world. If living with your husband or wife is causing physical or mental harm to you and your children, then it would be better to do it alone. It is so important for a child to have not only both parents but a Father and a Mother who love and appreciate him. Kids always need a help of their parents.

It’s cool to have a dad with whom you can play football and a mom you can share top secrets. It can be seen that a child who grows up with only one parent is more likely to fail at school, or even leave school before exams, is more likely to take drugs or become pregnant at an early age. What is worst that hey have an increased chance of repeating these failures upon their own children. A real family with a kid should consist of a dad and a mom. On the one hand, a child must have a strict father who would teach him how to live in this world.

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Boys need a father as the biggest supporter and a role model, a girl always needs a protector and a loving “big dad” who would treat her as a little princess. On the other hand, a father cannot play the role of kindhearted mom, who feels your pain and wants the best for her children. Mother is the only person to whom you hurry when you’re troubled. That is why a child must have both parents and feel that he is desired and loved in his friendly family. I think that the most important thing in life is not to give a birth to a child but to bring him up us a good human being and a versatile personality. It’s the role a mother and a father.