IntroductionThis strategic business objectives that is human

IntroductionThis essay will discuss what challenges of human resource management the organisations are facing now in Hong Kong and how organisation overcome this problem. Nowadays, human resource management need to face different challenges not only in the companies but also the labour market and the economy in Hong Kong because these factor may affect human resource management to do any decision. There are anything that would make it difficult to attract , retain and motivate the type of people the organisation needs to achieve its strategic business objectives that is human resource challenges.This essay will discuss three human resource management challenges include organisation of future, challenge in recruitment and achieving work life balance. It will focus on organisation of future and achieving work life balance.Human resource challenge (Organisation of future)According to the report conduct by Deloitte University, it show that most of  the respondents concern organisation of the future and it takes 88 percentage. Most of the people care organisation of future because they want to have more chance of advancement and a stable live. In recruitment, more and more candidates will searching the information in detail of the companies before applying the job. It is no doubt that workers become complacent and agitated when the chance for professional growth lacks.When employees lack of this opportunity, it contributes to low engagement and more employee turnover. Most of the people want to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge, and the recognition of professional development is a huge motivational factor. However, lack of advancement chance and resource are common in SME (small medium enterprise) in Hong Kong. SME can be divided as manufacturing business and non manufacturing. A manufacturing business which recruit fewer than 100 people and non manufacturing business which recruit fewer than 50 people. Because of the few number of position, there are less chance to advance. Also SME is family owned and all the operated, staffed are controlled. Moreover, there are limitation of resource in SME. There are usually little attention to human resource as a function. Therefore, SME is more harder to attract and retain worker than other organisation.Besides of chance of advancement, Monetary dissatisfaction is another reason that organisation cannot retain employees. Every organization has a salary budget or standard for every employee which can be raised to some extent but cannot unlimit to rise the salary. Therefore, retention becomes a problem when an employee want to get an exceptionally high salary but out of the standard budget of the organization and is just not willing to compromise.The organization also needs to take care of the other employees as well and cannot have a huge different salary in same positions so the salaries of the individuals working at the same level should be more similar to avoid major disputes amongst employees.Challenge in recruitmentAttracting and retaining the best talent takes discernment, time, and a whole lot of work.In order to attract  right individuals, it have to know the requirements of the job and the organization. But as job roles and expectations keep changing, and organizational culture keeps adapting, this task will become more and more difficult. The market filled with candidates possessing a similarly low level of skills and experience now. This market saturation, along with a relative homogeneity of demographic, makes it hard to discriminate to find the most high-quality candidates.Appealing technological talent will increasingly rely on job seekers’ preferences, including being in the locations that attract to them most. This may mean employers recruit in popular hubs despite their company’s base elsewhere, solving the talent gap by offering candidates the chance to work remotely. Flexibility is the mark of a talent-driven economy and one that’s particularly relevant for high-skill, in-demand workers. However, it is difficult to appeal high tech employees for human resource because human resource do not have enough resource. Many human resource professionals have to make use  of the resources they have, and sometimes there is not too much work to do. While some human resource departments are given large budgets to place advertisement across the Internet so job openings are in the hottest recruitment spots, others may have to use free job boards or take out space in more traditional recruiting channels. This can present big problems with finding qualified candidates.Furthermore, there are other difficulties to attract talent apart from lack of resource. Achieving work life balanceIt is common to find some staffs turnover in fast-paced companies since even though they might manage to hire the best employees, keeping them around becomes the next obstacle and one of the greatest human resource challenges.According to the survey, it indicate the longest working hours city is Hong Kong out of the 71 cities in the world. The average weekly working hours is 50.1 hours, it is almost more than Mumbai 7 hours. Also, annual paid vacation days in Hong Kong only have 17 day, it is lower other Europe cities paid vacation day like Paris and Dubai. There are more than five days less than the global average of 23 days.The long working hour not only affect employee’s physical health but also the mental health. The psychological well-being of employees can deteriorate because of high demands of the work, limited time to finish it so general employee burnout. Moreover, a little of stress are normal, and under times of pressure, employees can  perform well in their work but high levels of stress cannot be constant. In addition, long working hours may affect employees’ family relationship. Nowadays, more and more female work outside even though they have children. Not only mother, but also father will build up a communication platform with their children hardly because parents do not have time to talk with their children so parents do not know what their children think of and their children also do not understand them. Therefore, more and more parents will hire domestic helper to take care their children but it create a new problem that is children will more like domestic helper than their parents because domestic helper have time to play with them and listen to them so it may make the distance between parents and children will be more far away.  If  long working hours keep continuing, it will influence the relationship between parents and children.Besides the relationship of children and employees will be affected by long working hours, employees and their elderly parents also be affected. Most of the employees’ parents are elderly and they need to be concerned. However, long working hours give them less time to gathering and talking even though some of the employees cannot have a dinner with their parents weekly. Without enough time to communication make both of them do not know what are they need. Therefore it affect the relationship between employees and their parents strongly. Hence,human resource workers need to keep a close eye on escalating workloads and stress levels. An open-door policy to discuss anxiety, working hours and unfair expectations is critical also need to take care of employees mental health because most of the employees do not talk their difficulties in job or at home. In order to measure employees mental health, the managers or employers should more take care of them.However, if employees are satisfied with their job, their workplace and the people they work with, then they’re far less likely to consider other supervisors. Giving employees a work-life balance environment can have a benefits for both employee and employer. These benefits include increased workplace morale, less stress at work, lower levels of absenteeism, increased initiative and enhanced teamwork. All these ultimately not only lead to better productivity, but they also improve employee recruitment and retention. In a nutshell, helping employees attain a work-life balance ultimately benefits an organization.Solution (organisation of future)Firstly, finding where these employees are  through continuous conversations between the manager and the employee. Having the communication way and as transparent as possible, creates an environment in which the employee feels heard and can create a platform whereby employees can give and receive feedback on a continuous basis. Also this platform allows the organisations to easily understand where their  employees strengths are and where the weakness employees may need training. Managers also need to know where they stand with their employees. Through manager feedback, leaders can know how their workers see them, and where they can improve. By soliciting manager feedback conversations, it should confirm that employee engagement remains high, as employees have the freedom to express how they see the manager and where they fall short. The key to addressing the concerns of employee engagement is through communication, and by constantly asking, companies can solve engagement issues before they hinder the company’s success.Secondly, holding  training sessions to help employees understand specific job requirements, provide enough resources that are available to help employees acquire skills, and explain what the employees’ responsibilities are for achieving advancement. Therefore, it can make employees know the requirement for advancement early so as to motivate them to improve themselves. Through holding training course can make employee understand what skills are they lack of and what are their weakness so as to overcome the difficulties. Although holding training courses will increase the extra spending, it can motivate employees to enhance their skills and employees have a target to work hard and learn more so they will work effectively than before. Moving forward, it is a better way for employees to release worried of organisation’s future as they know that they have chance of advancement also companies can get high effective employees to improve the productivity of organisation.Solution (work life balance)Firstly, human resource can create an employee experience that is a notch above the competition.Also it can create a comfortable, welcoming, and free of conflict working environment for employees. Moreover, building a good culture that can inspire and encourage leaders and managers to lead employees.Cultural awareness programs can help employees recognize the benefits of diversity, like better ideas and innovations, and a wider customer reach for example, holding team building activities are an effective way for integrating employees of different cultures and uniting them towards a common business objective.Secondly, health and safety standards are human resource have to concern about. health in the workplace is not just about hygiene and safety. Also it need to concern about employees mental health problems like long working hours and high levels of stress. Therefore, It can provide some services like engaging online training, gym facilities, working at home arrangements or other facilities to help employee release their stress or allow employees doing some stretching exercises in companies. Through release the stress by doing exercises can make employees feel better and have more energy to complete their work. Thirdly, organisation can hold training sessions of mindfulness and general stress coping techniques.It can help build a resilient workforce and companies can more progressively to  allow mental sick leave when employees are feeling unwell. There are one company provide different wages and implement work life balance to retain the quality employees. Cornerstone OnDemand pioneers is through offering a unified talent management suite for finding and continually developing great employees with unlimited vacation days. Cornerstone’s perks demonstrate a true commitment to work-life balance.    ConclusionThis essay discussed what challenges are human resource management facing and how to overcome this challenges. Most of the employees worried about the organisation of future, care about the chance of advancement and the wages , salary. Second, It is hard to attract talent because human resource do not have enough resource. Third, there are more and more people concern about work life balance but Hong Kong is one of the longest working hours cities so it is difficult to deal with it.Therefore, there are some solutions to fix these problems.Firstly, In order to release the worried of organisation’ future, companies can build up a communication channel between employees and employer so as to understand what workers think and worried about for leaders. Also, it can hold some training sessions to keep employees improving themselves. Secondly, having work life balance can through organisations create comfortable working environment and provide some exercises facilities to help employees release stress to fulfill work life balance.