INTRODUCTION world’s most loved, most flown and



King and his attorney Herb Kelleher launched an airline called Southwest
Airlines in 1971 with a simple idea: “Making sure with a reduced air fares
that passengers enjoy their flights and arrive at their destinations on time,
will make more passengers patronise you”. It is traded in New York Stock
Exchange (NYSE) as LUV and is also called the LUV Airline because it is
operated from Love field in Dallas, U.S.A (Investor
Relations on Southwest Airlines, 2018).

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Airline’s purpose is to connect people to what is important in their lives
through considerate, credible and reduced air fares (The Rise of Southwest Airlines, 2009).

become the world’s most loved, most flown and most profitable airline is the
vision of the airline (The Rise of Southwest
Airlines, 2009).

Airlines value is to have Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart and Fun-LUVing
Attitude; and ensure Safety and Reliability; Friendly Customer Service and Reduced
Costs (Southwest Airlines, 2016).

quality service filled with warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company
spirit provided to customers is the mission of Southwest Airlines (The Rise of Southwest Airlines, 2009).
All job positions in the airline provide customer service irrespective of the
job title.



Philosophy of Southwest Airlines is by treating customers honestly and fairly;
and the low fares of flights actually staying low. This kind of Purposed
Philosophy which was practiced by Southwest Airlines was called Tranfarency (Investor Relations on Southwest Airlines,

culture of Southwest Airlines is very unique one which was developed at the
inception of the Airline. Colleen Barrett who is presently the President Emeritus
of Southwest Airlines, created the Southwest Culture Committee in 1990. The
goal of this committee is to help create, enhance and enrich the Southwest
Spirit and culture (Srinivasan, 2018).



leadership style of Southwest Airlines is unconventional in which everyone
working in the airline make management decisions not regarding their position.
This leadership style was introduced by Herb Kelleher and employees are
encouraged to think freely (Advance
Business Consulting on The Rise of Southwest Airlines, 2009).

airlines practice corporate strategy in which the employees on the top are
supported by the upper management which are at the bottom. This strategy is
called upside-down pyramid (Advance
Business Consulting on The Rise of Southwest Airlines, 2009).




to Southwest Mission Statement, the Airline is devoted in giving their employee
a secure job habitat in addition, convenience for individual growth and
development. Within the airline, all workers are shown respect, love and care
which they share with every customer (Srinivasan, 2018).

in Southwest Airline is very crucial and unique in that it involves searching
for people that possess the right attitude and will survive in the Southwest
culture (Srinivasan, 2018).




Airline success is due to low operational cost (low labour cost and low fuel
cost), excellent customer service, excellent employee relations and work
culture as below:

1.      Southwest
airline lowers their travel delay by flying to auxiliary or smaller airports

2.       The airline also fuel hedge to minimize the
cost of fuel utilized thereby maximizing profit.

3.      They
operate short haul flights by operating point-to-point flight service.

4.      They
utilize the same type of aircraft (Boeing 737) thereby reducing the cost of

5.      They
introduced bar codes in their boarding passes which automatically match the
number of passengers that actually board the airline to the number of boarding
passes without having to check through and log into different software (Srinivasan,



Southwest Airline is a paradigm of an organization focused
on exceptional customer service, inventive HR administration hones and low cost
strategy. For operational perfection, the airline has been observed as a
paradigm in its industry. We trust this report on this case study reveal that
the Southwest operations, as a major aspect of its corporate strategy, makes it
have an edge over its counterparts (Srinivasan, 2018).



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