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Introduction, Background, and Purpose: The organization we chose for the culminating project is Islamic Relief Worldwide and the cause is to help Palestinian Orphans. As a humanitarian and development organization, Islamic Relief has been serving people in over 40 counties for about 32 years. The main purpose of the organization is to make the world a better and safer place for the three billion people living in poverty. Islamic Relief organization started in 1984 and since then they helped millions of the world’s poorest and needy. “Islamic Relief is inspired by Islam and the belief that people with wealth have the duty to help those in need, without regard to race, gender or belief.” (Islamic Relief Worldwide, About Us).History: Islamic Relief Worldwide was founded in 1984 by Dr. Hany El-Banna and students from the University of Birmingham in response to the drought in Africa. When they first started, they were going door to door and from mosque to mosque asking for donations. In 1985, they sponsored a chicken farm in sudan as their first project. In the same year, they raised about $171822.35 in response to the famine in Africa. Over the next five years they started working in Iran, Pakistan, Mozambique, Malawi, Iraq, and Afghanistan, responding to emergencies and distributing clothes, food, and offering health support to people in special need. Today, Islamic Relief is a global and nonprofit organization providing emergency aid and always striving for change. (Islamic Relief Worldwide, History). Purpose and Projects: Islamic Relief Worldwide projects provide poor people with access to basic needs like, water, food and healthcare. They protect communities from disasters, provide emergency aid, and find ways to lead people out of poverty. At the end of their mission, Islamic relief picture a world where communities and people respond to the suffering of others as one whole Ummah. Their main goals are to allow communities to reduce the cause of problems, prepare for their occurrence and respond by providing relief. Islamic Relief aims to protect life and strengthen the Muslim Ummah.(Islamic Relief Worldwide, About Us).Key Players and Roles: Islamic Relief  Worldwide has a board of trustees and a board of Directors. The board of trustees includes Mrs. Lamia El Amri who is the chair of the board, Dr. Mohamed Amr Attawia, Mr. Tahir Salie and Dr. Almoutaz Tayara who are members of the board, Dr. Abdul Rahman Bidin who is the treasurer of the board, and lastly Mr. Adnan Saif who is the company secretary to the board of trustees. Similarly, the organization has a board of directors. The board of directors includes Naser Haghamed who is the chief executive officer, Tayeb Abdoun who is the network and resource development director, Waseem Ahmad who is the International Programme Division (IPD) director, Martin Cottingham who is the director of external relations and advocacy, Imran Madden who is the UK director, Nasir Rafiq who is the Interim finance and service director, and lastly Dr. Hossam Said who is the managing director. All these members have a very important role in the Islamic Relief Worldwide Organization, but there are many other individuals who bring the organization to a success other than the directors. (Islamic Relief Worldwide, Board of Trustees and Board of Directors). My Perspective: I think Islamic Relief is a worthy organization as well as the cause which is helping Palestinian Orphans. Islamic Relief is very well known and trusted by many people out there. It has been around for about 27 years now and helped over millions of orphans have a better life. Based on all the information, I think we should donate the money fundraised to them because I trust them and it’s not like they will take the money and use it for their own benefit. Even if they do such, In Sha Allah we will all get the Ajar for our intention regardless of any circumstance that takes place after the money is in their hands. So, hopefully, this organization will help us accomplish our goal and by the end of the day make us happy as well as the Palestinian Orphans by the small deed we accomplish as one Ummah/group In Sha Allah.                                                                                                                     By: Nafisa AliDate: Friday, Dec. 15Works Cited:Islamic Relief Worldwide. (Retrieved on Dec. 15, 2017). Faith Inspired Action. Retrieved from http://www.islamic-relief.orgIslamic Relief Worldwide. (n.d.). Retrieved January 25, 2018, from