Introduction suitable one for ECTC library in


My name is SOE NADI WAI and I am a senior programmer of Great Job Company. I
would like to explain three types of applications and recommend the most
suitable one for ECTC library in this document.

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are three types of applications. They are

ü  Window

ü  Web

ü  Mobile

applications are also known as console application. They need to be installed
on the user’s operating system. The web applications are those types of
applications that need web server and internet access to use. Mobile
applications are developed for mobile phones and they have some distinct
features apart from desktop applications. All the above facts are just a little
about applications. Each application has its own strong and weak points for the
business firm and I would like to explain them all below. Which type of
application I have recommended, why I gave recommendation to use that
application and other reasons are also included in this report.

Window Applications

What is Window Applications?

Applications are types of application that the Window platform supports. It is
a user build application on the operating system. It works with graphical user
interface which Window Form provides. It
is an application which is written to run under Microsoft Windows Operating.
These window applications are designed to be installed and run locally on the
computers whose operating system is Window. The window applications are usually
compatible with multiple versions of Window because all
32-bit Windows applications run in the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows
but 64-bit applications require 64-bit Windows. Window based applications are
mostly compatible with Window operating system only. Most are not compatible
with Mac operating system used on Apple computers and Linux operating system.

Features of Window Application

Applications are offline applications unlike Web application. The GUI of
windows applications are simple and user friendly. Window Forms are usually
used in building window application. Window forms can offer a rich variety of
user control interfaces like textbox, combo box, radio button, check box and
other data input/ output control elements. Window operating system comes with
many useful window applications already installed. 

installing a window application, users can easily access and use it. The
installed window applications will appear on the desktop or somewhere on the
computer. We can also search the window applications through the search
navigation bar from start menu of the Window operating system. Most of these
apps can be opened by clicking the Start button, then clicking the icon of the
app you want to open.

Benefits that Window Applications Can Offer

ü  Since
Window applications are installed on the user’s machine, the application is
much richer and more responsive than a web application having much more higher
performance. Higher and faster performance can offer faster working processes.
That means that for organizations or workstations that use Window Applications,
their processing speed is fast and no delay can be occurred. So, it reduces
time waste.

ü  A
window application has better and superior user interface because they are
installed on the local machine and not restricted like the web controls. Since
there are rich of controls, developers can easily use and create user
interfaces simply. As for users, window controls are user friendly and easy to

ü  Window
applications are easy to write code and develop for customers. Since it is an
offline application and has local sources, it can respond faster than web
applications. Window applications can get resources from local computer easily.
So, they are very useful and convenient in organizations and workstations that
need resources from local computers.

Limitations of Window Applications

Ø  Maintenance
of Window Applications would be much harder with patching and rollout or installations.

Ø  There
would be no mobility for Window applications like web or mobile applications.

Ø  Updating
a window application would not be much easier.

Ø  Moreover,
we need to look up to the compatibility of the application and the operating
system that the application will be installed.

Ø  Window
applications can also take the memory since they have been installed to the

Web Applications

What is Web Application?

Web applications are
programs that are written and installed not on the operating system of the computer
but on the web browser. They are online applications. So they need internet
connection to process. So, Web applications can be accessed from any system
through internet. Most web applications are connected to the server. Web
applications need a Web server configured with
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Users perform all the
functions using a web browser instead of using software installed on their
computer in web based applications.

Features of Web application

The basic feature on a web
application is that the application sits on a web server, and all users will
access it via a web browser over the internet. The interface or front-end of
the application is the website. Window applications would use less keyboard
input then window applications. They prefer asking to users with popup textbox
and get the confirmation or user input through it instead of text controls.

Benefits that Web Applications Can Offer for Business

The main benefits of web application are
mobility, distribution, configuration management, ease of access and
maintenance which are very beneficial for business organization. There are much
benefits of Web applications and some are mentioned below.

ü  Cost

ü  Accessibility

ü  Attractive
and Dynamic User Interfaces

ü  Easy
Installation and Maintenance

ü  Security

ü  Scalability

ü  Storage


In business organizations, all end users
cannot be one who understands information technologies. If system versions are
not compatible, software cannot be run. Web applications do not need to develop
and test it on all possible operating system versions and configurations. This
makes development and troubleshooting much easier. Moreover, it is very
convenient for users. So it is cost effective.


Accessibility is one of the main advantages
of the web based applications. They can be accessed from anywhere at any time
via any computer with internet connection. So, it is very suitable for
workstations and organizations with many branches.

and Dynamic User Interfaces

The user interfaces of
web-based applications are designed using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). So, it
is not fixed like in desktop applications. It would be attractive for users,
the impression of the application will be great and most users many enjoy it. It
is easier to update the look and feel of the application or to customize the
presentation of information to different user groups.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing software and
maintaining it is easier than desktop application. Once a new version or
upgrade is installed on the host server all users can access it straight away
and there is no need to upgrade the PC of each and every potential user. For
business, there would need one server and internet access to process
installation. Although server and internet access may cost to a limit for them,
the installation process is quite simple because there won’t be unnecessary
problems that can be occurred because of installation done by unskillful users
and there won’t be time wasted.

Rolling out new software
can be accomplished more easily, requiring only that users have up-to-date
browsers and plugins. As the upgrades are only performed by an experienced
professional to a single server the results are also more predictable and


Web base applications use
servers which are monitored and maintained by professionals. This means that
security is tighter and any potential breaches should be noticed far more
quickly. In the competitive business world, security is vital. Most business
firms develop web applications to get this benefit of web applications.


When the organization that
is using web applications becomes big, workload can be greatly increase. As
workload increases, new servers can be added to the system easily. So
they can be easily scalable.

Storage Increase

Since the whole application is not on
the computer but on the cloud, the storage of the devices can be much

Limitations of Web

applications have also limitations and bad impact to users and business firms.
The following are disadvantages of web applications.

Dependency on Internet

Slow Speed

Browser Compatibility


control over computer resources

Dependency on Internet

The whole process of web based
applications relies on the internet. If the connection goes down or users are
in the area that the internet isn’t available, they cannot be able to access
the web applications. It would be a great problem for large-scale business and
many unwilling problems can be encountered.

Slow Speed

The processing speed of web
applications is not much fast than window applications. Since they are hosted
not on the local computer but on the server, web applications cannot be as
responsive as window applications. So, they cannot offer faster performance
because it relies on the internet connection and it can be issue to

Browser Compatibility

There are many versions of browser and
we are not using all the same. So, we need to make sure that the web browser is
compatible with the web application that we are going to use. Business needs to
tell their employee not to update the browser without any instructions or
permissions or else, the browser may not be compatible with the application and
the application cannot be used.


We cannot use web applications only
with the stand alone computer. We also need to implement server to access and
some experienced server administrator to maintain and monitor that server. It
would cost a lot. It is not a big issue for large-scale organizations but it is
for a small business. The cost of server setting, maintaining, upgrading and
server administrator will be a burden for small business organizations.

control over computer resources

 Web applications are written and developed
using Java script, Hyper Text
Markup Language. Java script is an interpreted language that runs in a virtual
machine. So, users won’t be able to access the local file system and it won’t
be convenient for business that needs resources from local computer to process

implementing web applications, the above constraints should be considered.

Mobile Application

What is mobile application?

applications are individual and small applications with limited functions. They
are especially programed to run on mobile devices like phone and tablet.  There are also two operating systems for
mobile devices: Apple and Android. Mobile applications are also written for
specific operating system and sell on the store. For apple users, mobile
applications can easily download from Apple Store. Android users can get mobile
applications from Google Play Store. Although applications may have avoided
multitasking because of the limited hardware resources of the early mobile
devices, their specificity is now part of their desirability because they allow
consumers to hand-pick what their devices are able to do.

Features of Mobile

Mobile applications installed on the
hardware like the Window applications. But some applications need internet to
access and use them like social media applications. A
mobile application also may be known as an app, Web app, online app, iPhone app
or smartphone app.

Benefits that Mobile Applications Can Offer

Although mobile applications are not widely used within
business organizations for processing functions, they are usually used to keep
in touch with customers like banking mobile applications. The following are
benefits that mobile applications can offer.


User-Friendly Interfaces

Less Cost

Better Customer Experience

Easy to use


Since the mobile applications are installed
on the mobile devices, they can offer mobility. Some business use this
advantage of mobile applications to offer their customers with mobile services.


 Most famous social media
applications like Facebook, Instagram and twitter are mobile applications. They
can offer user friendly interfaces and many other up to date functions.


 Mobile applications do not
need to pay for hosty facilities like web applications, they are less costy.

customer experience

 A high percentage of the population use smart
phone technology. Mobile Application technology allows business to demonstrate their
products and services more creatively, connect with clients, provide more
in-depth information and give users a better customer experience

to use

Mobile applications are
easy to use. Users don’t need special professional or course to be able to use
mobile applications. Moreover, they are also very easy to install. Users just
need to download them from play store with internet connection.

Limitations of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications not the type of business application
because they can only be installed on mobile devices and their performance is


A mobile App needs to be
made to suit each platform, Android, Phone, etc. which can be costly and

Need to Updates

 Users cannot let the mobile applications
without updating them. They needed to be regularly updated so that they are
compatible the updated version of website.


 Mobile Apps require on-going care both as
regard to fresh content and technological updates.


In this report, I recommended window application to use. So,
I would like to compare window application over other applications.

over Web

v  Window
applications are user-friendly, easy to code and responsive while Web
applications can delay the performance because of the reliance on the internet
and server.

v  Window
applications have rich of user controls and local system files while web cannot
access them.

v  Window
developers don’t need any other languages like Java script, PHP and CSS while
developing a window application while web application developers need to use

v  Web
apps that support multiple mobile browsers can prove to be an expensive
proposition for developers, as it raises the costs of developing and maintaining
them when windows need none of them.

v  Window
applications can be easily be found by users by searching them in the
navigation search place but web application users may sometimes find it
difficult to discover a Web app, as it is not systematically listed in any app

v  Window
applications can offer fastest performance speed and users do not need to worry
about the performance of internet connection.

over Window

v  Web
applications are easier to do updates and increase workload because they only need
to deal with the server but every user computer must be progressed if we want
to update a window application.

v  Web
applications can offer better security and more storage than Window

v  Web
applications are compatible and can process on any platform while Window
application can only work on Window platform.

v  All
the data of the web applications are centralized and stored in the main server
and so we don’t need to worry about the PC breakdown and data loss.

v  Web
applications can offer dynamic web interfaces while window applications can
only have static Window form interfaces.

v  Web
applications can be accessed from anywhere on any computer if there is internet

Window over Mobile

v  Mobile
applications are integrated on mobile devices like phones while desktop
applications are installed on computers. So, the screens to use mobile
applications are smaller than desktop applications. A smaller display means
that the user can see a lot less information at once and so business
organization won’t be convenient with mobile applications.

v  Mobile
devices generally have much less processing power than desktop computers. This
is for various reasons, including cost and battery life. Therefore, mobile
browsers take longer to process than window applications.

v  One
important aspect of many mobile devices is touch-based input. Rather than using
a mouse, the vast majority of mobile users work with their devices using their
fingers. Therefore, there would be no hover events and so it has less precision.

v  Mobile
applications cannot perform multiple tasking while window applications can do.

Recommendation for ECTC Private School Library

As for ECTC library, I
want to recommend you to use Window based application for your library system.
Window, web and mobile applications have their own pros and cons. Nothing can
be claimed to be better. However, I recommended you to use the Window
Application because it is suitable not only for technical point of view but
also from business logic point of view. Although Web applications are popular
and widely used, there are much problems and difficulties that you have never
expected. I want to explain you why I don’t recommend web application for your
library first.

Ø  First
of all, you will cost more than you have limited for the library if you develop
the application with the web based. Web based applications need server and
other extra devices. Web applications also need internet access to be able to
process. So, it will also cost for the internet access and other networking
devices like router and switch. Not only server and internet access but also
staffs to monitor and maintain the server would be a load to your business like
school. If window application is used, you will need only one staff to monitor
the program.

Ø  The
library system might have much information about the detail fact of library
users and lists of books at the library. So, there will be large amount of data
on this system. The storage handling in web application is not better than
window if the server that the application relies is not well configured. So,
data loss or other unexpected errors can be occurred.

Ø  The
library has its own payment system, due dates and other member services.
Moreover, it would be fine for users who do not return books on time. If web
application is used, all those payment must go online. It would much
complicated not only for developers but also for users. Users many need to have
visa or payment cards connected with bank account. Some students may not be 18
and they will not be able to open a bank account. So, it is like the library
service is limited for those who are under 18 if we implement the library
program with web application.

Ø  Window
application can also process faster than web applications. The processing speed
of web application is much relying on the internet connection and also delay
than window application. So, it would not be convenient for library users to
wait for a time to rent a book. Staff can process all the renting and returning
processes of book and CD fast and simply if it is Window Application.

Ø  The
library would be busy to take pictures of books that cannot be bought from
online to give review and upload those images on web application. It would be
messy and time consuming for the library staffs.

Ø  Moreover,
web applications need internet access. So, the ECTC School needs to give
internet to the library. If so, library users and staffs can use social media
and download videos with the provided internet during the work time. That’s
why, unexpected potential conflicts can be occurred. Window application does
not need any internet access and can simply work full library processes.

Ø  Although
web applications can rent E books and other online books, there are also books
that do not exist online. So, when users want to rent those books, they must
come to library and rent the book themselves however.

Ø  It
is not a burden for library users to come to library. Most users are staffs and
students from school. They can take a visit to library when they come to
school. So, Window application is convenient for ECTC library because of its
simple, fast, secure, low-cost performances.

So, I recommended you to
use the Window Application on your library system.

Advanced Recommendation

The above recommendation I
have given for the ECTC’s library is the most suitable with current conditions
of ECTC Private College. If the college becomes bigger and has branches in the
future, I would like to recommend Web application together with mobile
application. The above window application is the most suitable one for ECTC’s
library in the current conditions and it would be still convenient for the
future. But if you want to implement your Library system more advanced in the
future with lots of cost, web application together with mobile application is