Introduction many decades the European Union has


As time has come along over many decades the European Union has combined
itself taking over six nations that now makes up twenty-five countries that are
joined together for the European Union to strengthen the power of the Euro that
is controlled by the European government (Luxembourg, 2004). The European Union
has maintained the union witch happens to be a combined by a large group that
has grown more difficult to control. 
Many people have been chosen to try to help regulate and control the
administration of the European Union but to maintain and keep the arrangements
in the union to a controllable low the union used the Constitution to help
bring order to the new twenty-five countries that are made up from six nations
to help strengthens the Euro (“The History of the European Union”, 2004).

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of this new administration the European Union now uses this as an example on
the governmental level for the other countries to follow through with the
procedure of public approval in each of the countries (“The History of the
European Union”, 2004). For the twenty-five countries to keep and maintain the
union working at a successful rate the European Union   needs to have all six nations come together
as a joint union. Because of this request from European Union this has made
this task more difficult for the European nations to collectively unify; the European
government wants to be able to move forward by controlling the administration
of the European Union for the success of the Euro (Luxembourg, 2004).

In order for the twenty-five countries to have an increasing
number for a successful administration in the union, the European government
needed to create a new tradition that would include the constitution allowing
the entire Union to have the limited right to choose in each country (Craig,
2005). This allowed the citizens of these nations to make decisions from the new
procedure of approval. The European Union wanted the nations to embrace the
Euro that focused on the disposal of swapping the scale (Craig, 2005).  “The six nations found it hard to increase
the exchange abroad and crosswise over outskirts and growing markets for
business as a portion of the upsides of euro cash nations” (Luxembourg, 2004).
“The values and straightforwardness on the topic of the Euro is another example
of the responses of the twenty-five countries that are on the fence about the
euro, this is one the powers that the twenty-five sovereign countries uses to
communicate with the European Union” (Craig, 2005).

The countries wanted to express their feelings toward the Euro to
the European government to see if this new union of nations would be allowed to
maintain their individuality between nations because of the new European Union
(Luxembourg, 2004).

The European constitution, that helped impact a part of this
research I took into consideration some of that context for content in this
paper, I expect to investigate how the Constitution will influence the way of
life inside the European Union through the lawful changes forced on countries
and the further development of the Union while taking a deeper look at the
power of the Euro and how the change has progressed over time.

Literature Review

One of the questions that are geared towards the European Union’s
new administration is if the constitution will have a successful increase in
the response of the Euro. For this question a factor is if the new
administration for the European Union will go smoothly with the constitution,
and if it does go smooth will the new administration be approved by all
twenty-five countries (“EU Czech Klaus Reaction”, 2005). While researching this
question the factor that must be kept in mind is if the evidence that is
provided will cause the new administration to have a more successful increase
or will the new administration cause a rapid decrease towards European Union’s
constitution (“EU Czech Klaus Reaction”, 2005). Because of this main question
this discussion opens the door for a political debate; this would include all
twenty-five countries governments and states’ rights. Martin Wolf, journalist
for the Financial Times in England, summarized the contention expressing “How
many readers think that the big weakness of the European Union is its inability
to enact a large enough number of regulations? If you do, you should welcome
the draft constitutional treaty. If you aspire to a more dynamic and flexible
European economy, you should oppose it” (Wolf, 2004).

On January 1, 1999 this was the beginning of the euro on this day
money in eleven European nations. Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany,
Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain all embraced
this form of money; the twenty-five countries received this form of a typical
money related arrangement (“The History of the European Union”, 2004). On
January 1, 1999 the European Union took over making the euro the new perceived
legitimate money (Wolf, 2004) The push towards the improvement for the new
administration became the typical money that was started in 1957, when the
Treaty of Rome expressed a typical European market as a goal, trusting that
“a nearer and nearer union among the people groups of Europe” would
unavoidably happen (“The History of the European Union”, 2004).Because of this
endorsement of the Single European Act in 1986 symbolized and made room for a
better European incorporation. After this happened, the European governments
and industry started to put more emphasizes on the intensity of the European
industry (Wolf, 2004).

In January this was the official release of euro banknotes and
coins the most important day that helped the historical backdrop of the euro
was featured by the expansion of Greece as a part nation (“The History of the
European Union”, 2004).The European Union wanted to swap scale changes,
increment exchange abroad and crosswise over fringes, and grow markets for
business for those nations that would be receiving the euro (“The History of
the European Union”, 2004). As the years came along the euro removed the
changes of how money is viewed over specific outskirts of the six nations.
While this new dilemma occurred the organizations that fare and import
merchandise inside Europe did not have to stress nor have issues of being able
to trade money now with the nations the improvement of the euro was finished
(Smith, 2005). The European Union that was created in 1946 happened for a
general reason that one day the free development of individuals, products, administrations
and capital from nation to nation inside Europe (“The History of the European
Union”, 2004).

The leader of the Czech Republic has expressed his opinion on the
making of the Constitution (“EU Czech Klaus Reaction”, 2005). Wear Smith,
Adjunct Professor at the University Of Denver Sturm College Of Law, keeps up
that the open restriction will cause no less than one nation to dismiss the
Constitution. “In the event that that happens, the sanction procedure will
stop, the European Council (the heads of state and government) will meet and
endeavor to work out a somewhat changed arrangement, and after that another
vote will be looked for in the nation that rejected it” (“EU Czech Klaus
Reaction”, 2005). The focus behind the concerns on why the European Union has
been expected to draft up a constitution to contrast the chance the new
administration has with new sources “the European Constitution replaces
the principle existing Treaties” (Wolf, 2004).

Overall, the objective to make a more joined front inside Europe
could decrease social outskirts, making “individuals lose their feeling of
patriotism and rather build up themselves as exclusively Europeans, as opposed
to French, German or British” (“EU Czech Klaus Reaction”, 2005). Because of
this the Constitution plans to force rules for future extension to group
properly considers how far the Union can bear to grow (Smith, 2005). Has
culture created a barrier that allows as well as the contrast lawful group’s
cause a lot of conflict that built up the presence of a European Union
Constitution? With advance extensions and other court frameworks will be gone
into the Union and must adjust toward the Western way to deal with law. The
Constitution achievement to make these changes simpler, by laying out the whole
setting of the European Union in one record, while helping future ages
administer the enormous state (Smith, 2005).


Typical euro offers comfort and economies for exchange, in venture
and tourism. The euro improves its European products, administrations and
securities because of more straightforward of its value contrasts (Caffrey,
1999). Besides, the structure of the euro forces more money to be related train
on part of governments which apparently is still enhancing the financial
strength and development of the European Union’s nations which is used for the
European Union in the worldwide economy (Caffrey, 1999).  Then again, the euro has gotten rid of
self-government for a national financial approach as well as the adaptability
to maintain rates because, a two speed economy where there are solid economies
and frail economies combined may represent a loan cost economy (Charlton,

In December 2011, another enactment that would allow the European
Union to benefit off the euro was the term the six pack which happened to be
the bundle that applied to all countries and states; the meaning behind the new
enactment was for particular a standards that needed to be portrayed about the
euro to be spread around the European Countries, region parts, and states
particularly in regards to money related assets (Caffrey, 1999).  The European Council talked about the
proposals, and the Council of Ministers that embraces them.

Prior to the discourses on the European Union’s level, governments
drew up their draft spending plans (Caffrey, 1999). Once The European semester
was finished, and the governments are required to change their approaches,
spending plans, and submit them to national parliamentary verbal confrontation
in the second 50% of the year; the most remarkable measure that the European
Union that has pushed this Union has been the European Stability Mechanism a
lasting emergency determination component for the nations of the euro region
(Kemp, 2002).  Hypothesis

Has the Euro unified a force that is stronger than the national identity
in the form of national currency for Europe? In 1950, after the financial
sorrow caused by the first and second world wars, Europe looked for an approach
to guarantee peace among the countries. “The European Coal and Steel Community
in 1951, built between Belgium, West Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy, and
the Netherlands” (Ratz, 1999). This allowed the European Atomic Energy
Community and the European Economic Community to both come together and create
a financial bond between the nations (Ratz, 1999). The very first objectives
that the European Union had was to spread the Union to different nations to
help battle the worldly crimes that was occurring in Europe all of the
associations. Because of this, this allowed the union to extended its powers
and bring together structure inside of the European Union (Charlton, 1999).

“The quick development began in 1973 with the promotion of
Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom and finished with ten nations
participating in 2004. Presently, with Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey looking to
enter the Union, the representing powers need to consider how far the European
Union can extend” (Ratz, 1999). Because of the Treaty in 2003 this showed and
characterized rules concerning the span of European Union Institution to help
streamline the basic leadership framework (Charlton, 1999). With the expansion
of the Eastern European countries, many individuals think about how far the
Union expects to extend (Charlton, 1999) Turkey’s social economy is somewhat
from the lion’s share of other European countries, however regardless Turkey
decides to distinguish the country as European.

Researchers have considered that extensions of the European Union
could possibly proceed through the Middle East; these requirements of the
European Union Policy that  incorporates
notes on Agriculture, Aviation, Foreign Policy, and Telecommunications. The
reason for existing is to ensure every nation inside the European Union can
only contend on the showcase of guaranteeing their financial solidness (Kemp,
2002). In light of these rules, the European Union is rapidly ascending to the
cutting edge in world legislative issues and financial matters.


When the euro was pushed to Germany to proposed marking,
stability, and Growth it was a requirement for all individuals that were
dependably to keep their spending shortfalls and sovereign obligation beneath
three percent and sixty percent of their GDP capital and substantial fines
(Tooher, 1998). In any case, in 2004 France and Germany needed to ask for as
far as possible to be incidentally suspended as both veered off from them.

Once Greece experienced issues renegotiating its obligation, the
sorrow rapidly spread to other euro zone part states. The European Union had
blemishes and as outcomes the Euro has neglected to convey the financial
strength and adjust to its on edge part states. The most surprising part about
the European Union was the desire of the Euro to end up fading away. The
European Union reaction to the money related emergency is the new arrangement
of guidelines on improved European Union monetary administration. There have
been progressions of arrangement rebuilding efforts and basic changes done by
the European Union since the emergency (Craig, 2005).

“Between 2005 and 2008 there was an increase in the relative
importance of GERD in the Japanese economy, as its ratio to GDP rose by 0.16
percentage points; note that Japanese economic growth was relatively subdued
during this period” (Eurostat Information, 2017). “Among the EU
Member States, the highest R & D intensities in 2015 were
recorded in Sweden (3.26 %), Austria (3.07 %) and Denmark
(3.03 %) shown in charts 2 and 4 provided below. These were the only
Member States to report a level of R & D intensity that was above
3.00 % in 2015; note that the ratio fell from above to below 3.00 %
in Finland between 2005 and 2015. There were seven Member States that reported
R & D expenditure that was below 1.00 % of their GDP in
2015” (Eurostat Information, 2017). “Among the EU Member
States, the highest R & D intensities in 2015 were recorded in
Sweden (3.26 %), Austria (3.07 %) and Denmark (3.03 %) shown
above in figure 4. These were the only Member States to report a level of
R & D intensity that was above 3.00 % in 2015; note that the
ratio fell from above to below 3.00 % in Finland between 2005 and 2015″ Along
with Greece, the Member States with the lowest R & D intensities
were ones that joined the EU in 2004 or more recently, although it should be
noted that Slovenia (2.21 %) reported an R & D intensity
above the EU-28 average, while the Czech Republic (1.95 %), Estonia
(1.50 %), Hungary (1.38 %), Slovakia (1.18 %), Lithuania
(1.04 %) and Poland (1.00 %) reported intensities of at least
1.00 %” (Eurostat Information, 2017).


Despite the many difficulties confronting the European Union,
their prosperity appears to be inescapable because of the watchful arranging
they took in planning for its creation. Despite the fact that the endeavor of
joining twenty-five, and conceivably more, one of a kind countries under a Constitution
appears to be overwhelming, the European Union comes all around arranged for
the errand (Luxembourg, 2004). The first objective of the Union was to
guarantee peace among the part countries through joint monetary and political

The way to turning into a superpower was difficult, however, as
the European Union keeps on confronting expansive situations. Not exclusively
does the approval of the Constitution still need to happen in each of the
twenty-five part expresses, an errand that, if ceased, might take a very long
time before it can start once more, however the European Union likewise faces
solid restriction to huge numbers of its designs (“The History of the European
Union”, 2004). A lot of this dispute emerges concerning the Constitution, the
same number of nations fear losing their individual sway. In any case, the
European Union has taken unequivocal measures to save states’ rights while as
yet expanding the control of its organizations.

Fear loss of the particular societies of every part state, however
a great many people guess that the opening of fringes will just help increment
nationality as societies spread. The European Union has avoided potential risk
to protect any monetary assorted variety, while as yet attempting to make a
steady economy. The achievement in this wander appears in the rising estimation
of the Euro.

The extension of the European Union has happened too rapidly for
them to characterize any potential issues, which may hurt the Union in time.
Ten Eastern European Countries were admitted to the Union in one year and the
European Union must manage helping increment their way of life and settling
their economy on a huge scale. Consequently, attempting to go up against the
weight of conceding more nations seems, by all accounts, to be impulsive right
now, as the European Union needs to focus on balancing out itself before working
with new risings. Be that as it may, because of their solid establishment and
developing significance in world governmental issues, the European Union
appears to be bound to succeed.