Introduction is usually diagnosed by the time


ADHD is a learning disorder that over five percent of Canadian children
and teenagers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. ADHD stands for
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This disorder creates the inability
for a person to focus on one particular thing for an extended period of time.

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People with ADHD should be able to function in the same way that the kids that
do not have the disorder do. This will be shown when the paper discusses the
issues that come with having ADHD, how it effects the performance of the person
in school, how it effects their socialization and what can be done to help
reduce the severity of the disorder.


Summary of Research

When researching ADHD, it became apparent that a lot of people around
the world have to deal with the disorder. 
ADHD is usually diagnosed by the time the kid turns seven years old. A
survey taken with sixty-six children between the ages of ten and sixteen years
old suggests “that physical activity helps to improve attention in children who
have been diagnosed with ADHD” (Silva, 2015).  Another research topic that helped to better
the effectiveness of the argument that children with ADHD should be able to
function in the same way as a child without is its effect on socialization. Mark
Cameron Dumas says “approximately 50% of
children with ADHD experience significant peer relationship problems” (Dumas, 1998). This research paper
discusses the connection between how boys with ADHD can lead to a more
difficult time with trying to socialize with other children. He proves this
point by going into details about how children with ADHD especially boys tend
to have problems with knowing what is needed to create good communication.

 In addition to challenges
with socialization, there is also a connection between the performance in
school and ADHD. For this portion of the research there was a news article from
the Washington Post that goes into great detail into the correlation of the
two. The article talks about the fact that teachers and parents tend to underestimate
the disorder by a great deal because they believe that it is only effecting the
attention of the kids (Strauss, 2016). Although the main
symptom of the disorder is attention based, other things come into fruition
like impulsivity, poor multi-tasking abilities and interrupting others while
they are speaking. This disorder is important for parents and teachers to
understand because if dealt with properly the child can correctly deal with
their attention issues and as a result will have a better chance for success.

 A lot of people mix up
the difference between attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit
hyperactive disorder (ADHD). The designation of the two disorders is commonly
misconstrued. ADD is a solely attention based disorder in which the person
easily loses focus if bored or overwhelmed. Whereas ADHD is a more common
disorder in which the child or adult is unable to sit still for long periods of
time, zone out very frequently and in some scenarios can become overly active
and hard to control. ADD is a lot easier to control and can be used to a
persons advantaged if correctly.

Some of the best minds in history had ADD: Albert Einstein,
Picasso and even Van Gogh. This disorder can be used to be able to better focus
on a specific task or job so that the person is able to do the best work they
possibly can do. ADHD on the other hand is not as easy to control because
people who have ADHD tend to not be able to sit still and get bored easily.

Another interesting research topic that was discovered was the
correlation between rational decision making and ADHD. This was best shown in
an article from the University of North Carolina. This article states that
“ADHD effects all of the main brain functions like behavioral inhibition, working memory, regulation
of motivation, and motor control” (Et Al, 2002). If behavioral
inhibition is effected by ADHD this can lead to making irrational decisions.

This is due to the fact that the person does not know the difference between
what make makes a decision rational or not. As a result the people with ADHD
tend to make very impulsive decisions without considering the consequences of
their actions. Another type of decision that people with ADHD tend to make are
ones in which requires a lot of thought like jumping off a cliff into water.

Decisions like these are made very often by people with ADHD which is why
thrill seeking can be connected to the disorder.

There are three main drugs that could be found
that are used to either help take the edge off the person’s ADHD or help them
be completely focused. The first pill is called Adderall, this is a nervous
system stimulant that helps to control the brain and nerves. This drug is
especially common when it comes to test taking. When a person with ADHD has to
take a test Adderall is the go to medication. Then there is Ritalin, this drug
also tries to reduce the severity of the ADHD but does have some key side
effects such as drowsiness, loss of appetite and weight loss. The last drug
that is recommended to be used to help reduce or contain the ADHD is called
Concerta. This medication is the best option because it comes with the least
amount of side effects and can be purchased in many different dosages depending
on the need of the child.  


Analysis of Key Findings

With all the research conducted on the subject of
ADHD, it was discovered that the disorder effects people in more than one way.

ADHD effects the way in which children and teenagers learn. This is because
when the child’s attention continues to wonder or they can’t stand still it
contributes to a less successful learning process for them. As a result, this
may limit the amount that someone with ADHD can get and may lead to the distraction
of other students. If not treated correctly the kid will not meet the true
potential that they have if not for them having ADHD.

Another way in which ADHD effects people is it
can lead to poor communication. This can be demonstrated in more ways then one
whether it is the inability to stand up for themselves and the difficulty of
trying to communicate with strangers. When talking about the inability to stand
up for themselves this means that if something happens that they don’t like
they just let it go because they do not know how to deal with this situation.

An example of this would be someone was buying a specific food item and got the
wrong thing, that person would rather just eat the item given to them instead
of confronting the people who gave them the food.

The other big social issue for the teen age is in
reference to trying to have conversations with strangers. In these scenarios
the person tends to avoid eye contact, usually are looking away from the person
and always try to keep the conversations very short. The person with ADHD can
try the medication route to help stimulate the brain which will result in a
better attentiveness. If the person decides they want to be medicated for this
disorder the best choice is Concerta. It does not have the heavy side effects
and also does not have limited dosages either. But, because in most cases
doctors will recommend to use Concerta anyways. This medication comes in four
different dosages eighteen, twenty-seven, thirty-six and fifty-four.

But, some people with ADHD may go the
non-medicated route as well and this may include: cognitive behavioral therapy
or ADHD coaching. Cognitive behavioral therapy in the case of someone having
ADHD helps to better develop organization skills. By developing these skills,
the adult with ADHD will be able to organize their thoughts and create a plan
to carry these ideas out. The other option is to seek out the help of a ADHD
coach. What they do is help with the person’s problem solving skills, create
studies to target the patient’s attention problems, anger problems and even
organizational skills. ADD and ADHD if used in the right circumstances can be
very beneficial to a person. This is because if they are hyper focusing on
something in particular then it will become even better. This disorder is
especially helpful to professions such as scientist or artists due to the great
detail required to succeed in these industries. So ADHD is not all bad if it is
both treated and used in the correct way. 



Although ADHD is a disorder that can be a hindrance of the
attention of the people who have it, if treated correctly this disorder can be
a good thing. This was proven when the paper discussed how ADHD can effect both
learning and socializing, how to differentiate ADD from ADHD and how it is
treated. Some of the most extraordinary people throughout history have had
ADHD, what is stopping you from becoming your best self?