Internet Marketing Essay

Discuss how one or two Internet marketing activities (mentioned in the videos played in the seminar classes in Week 2 and 3) are currently applied in an existing company selected by you. The internet marketing activities of Toys “R” Us, a leading kids store for toys, included push and pull marketing strategies. In push marketing strategies, it applied the keyword search in its website. And it utilized the Metatags, which provides encoded information that describes a web site in various ways for search engines. As shown in the above picture, the Metatags of keywords content included “toys, toy, education toys, education toy”, etc.

In order to have a good keyword search of the website so that to optimize the listing with search engine that are most appropriate to the business, website owners are suggested to conduct keyword research. They must not only look for the main keywords people would search on to find their product or service, but also synonyms, plurals and misspellings. In this aspect, it is appreciated that Toys R Us have included the plurals forms of the key phrases Furthermore, the website of Toys R Us included some video ads that linked to youtube. The video ads may attract the users to stay on the site and search more information of desired products.

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On the other hand, the banner ads in the website show the highlights or latest product of the store that attract users to click it. The most critical part of the usefulness of banner ads is that the banner takes the users to a meaningful page. It is excellent that the banner ads of Toys R Us to bring user to the shopping page of those product, such as the Toy Story 3’s product, which is shown in below. In pull marketing, Toys R Us’s website applied the community strategy that providing newsletter for its users, to increase the subscription base, make use of subscribers of newsletters with similar content.

Newsletter is a great way to inform the targeted market about the value of the offerings. It is always allow for easy opt-in and opt-out. In conclusion, the design and internet marketing strategies of Toys R Us is quite comprehensive. In order to enhance a better promotion and marketing value, Toys R Us can consider devoting more resources on offline marketing and providing a portal to create a community of websites based upon common interests to foster affiliate relationships.