Instructional methods Essay


Teaching-Reading strategies in comprehension are various ways in which knowledge are delivered. Basically strategies are used by the instructors/tutors. Teaching strategies are meant to motivate, stimulate and reinforce understanding in students. Language learning in comprehension that entails reading, spelling, vocabulary, reading fluency and independence development requires certain techniques, both used and new so as to achieve the objectives of the lesson. Such techniques apply in both cognitive and affective domain of learning.

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Games are used as a technique to improve effective learning of vocabularies. This implies that it is an asset that does not only fill time but also make the student aim at learning the correct forms. Through games, learners express their views in a more relaxed atmosphere. Competition as a healthy tool for learning vocabularies is also enhanced through games. In such a friendly competitive ground among learners, the students get interested and participate effectively. When games are used in vocabularies, a more real world situation is brought in the learning environment. This elevates the student’s flexibility in communication.

Spelling in language comprehension is as important as verbally communicated word. For the relevance of communication to be achieved, both hand writing and spelling of various words should be considered this language tool can be enhanced depending on the ability of the learners. For instance in the case of the challenged students, one can use explicit and systematic methods to enhance mastery of spelling. In such a situation, incidental and natural learning could be appropriate and should be tested continuously. Since students know certain instructions which affect their spelling depending on tribal background, it is essential that they be exposed to frequent practice on comprehension. This would involve seminars/ workshops where they get opportunities to read and write. They will thus learn conventional words through group discussions and individual participation.

Reading comprehension is the art of grasping the theme o a passage. Expository is essential technique where learners are given opportunity to participate in the learning process. They read and benefit from what they already have. Through this learners keep pleasure of reading novels, not for exam purposes but to improve on aspects of understanding comprehension. In the process, they develop skills on citing important aspect of the information. Expository is thus a technique that is used in all aspects of learning. Through it, learners attain peace of mind, self independence and responsibility.

Independence development leads to attainment of self reliance. Students need to be guided on how to attain it. The aim of writing, timing, and balancing of work should be considered. The objective should be clear and a heuristic technique can be considered. This brings relaxed writing atmosphere and precision. The learners can research on the subject and the range of the task (Tomasi, F 2004).

Fluency in teaching reading comprehension checks on speed and accuracy in reading. This can be achieved through independence reading with individuals timed and graded. Dependence reading involves learners reading in groups or use computers. Audio tape is also effective where students read along such gargets. The teacher is the overall controller, gives guidance and invites students to read along with her/him.


Teaching reading strategies in comprehension involves many aspects. For instance before independence development, the learner needs to go through stages to qualify to the next level. The teacher considers the number of students, proficiency level, timing, cultural structures and the topic. This helps in appropriation on comprehension.


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