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Information is the precious asset, the place where information is stored is rigged with utmost security. Data Centers are the heart of any business organization, Server, Network, Backup, Exchange everything and anything will always be leveraged from the Data centers. Hence it is needless to say that there is a high level of protection that goes into safeguarding the data centers.There are various Physical Security features starting with Security personnel at the gates, surveillance cameras everywhere in the grounds as well as inside the data center. Bullet proof glasses in the entrance lobby with security personnel. Metal or opaque doors entering the device rooms. Continuous 24/7 power supply with UPS redundant power. All entry and Exit points should be monitored with alarms if and when required.Along with the physical security features, day to day activities also need to be performed with caution. All paper and documents should be shredded. No External storage devices are allowed unless and until they are approved. Limitation of access to specific regions in the data center. All access to employees or visitors need to be ensured by ACS, biometrics should also be included if required. Ornamental plants should be maintained to not aid an intruder in any way. Strict no photography policy. The cabin/device racks should be properly installed to maintain the Physical stability of the devices. Any access requests to Data center should be going through a ticketing process with approvals. Visitors need to be checked and identified with their ID cards thoroughly. No piggy backing is allowed to any part within the data center Last but not least it is advisable to have a DR- Disaster Recovery Data Center in a different location so as to survive any natural disasters. This is highly important in case of time sensitive organizations.These are few of the Physical security features to keep in mind in case of Data Centers.