Industrial Relations Essay

Define Industrial relations. The Word industrial Relations has two terms, ”Industry” which refers to the productive activity which any individual or group or individuals are engaged and the word “Relations” represents the relationship between in the industry between the employer and the employee. Industrial Relations explains the relationships between the management and the employees directly or indirectly to the employer. Mainly IR cares about the relations between employers and the worker within the organizational setting.

This field cares about the relations between the worker and his management, the government, the institutions and organizations in a way that they interact. What is “Mediation”? How does it differ from “Arbitration”? Mediation in the Law is used for resolving the disagreements or arguments between a worker or more and his management . Mainly, the third party which is called mediator will help and assist the parties to solve their settlement. Mainly the word mediation refers to the third party which solves the disputants problems.

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To some extends , the process is confidential and private and it’s enforced by law. The mediator is the key to solve these types of disputants, he is the neutral third party and his main job is to give solutions to the disputants but he don’t have the power to force solutions. On the other hand, Arbitration is another type of disputes resolving, where third party is included to solve the parties disputes outside the court. It’s a technique where the third part evaluates the cases and give legal decisions.

The only different is Arbitrator has power to force the resolution to the parties and the employers and they have to follow these resolutions. What do you understand by “Grievance”? Grievance can be described as a complaint by the employee against his employer for any contractual violations or abuses. In case of Grievance, the employee has some sort of problems with his employer and he feels that some of his rights have been violated based on the contract that he signed with his employer. Not necessary all grievance should be contractual violated.

The labor unions have the some sort of techniques they follow to track and process all the grievance cases. The managements and the unions have the responsibilities to keep track of all grievance and also to make sure that the contract language accompanies the selected grievance. List some examples of management prerogatives that will be part of management rights clauses in the employment contract. The term Management Prerogatives represents some managements rules and authority to be used in a certain areas of the agreements without discussing it with the union or the employee.

It can be called also as the management right, because there are not negotiable. These rights include: * Assign the employee to different work units * Promotions * Terminations * Redundancy * The System of shift work Bibliography Management prerogative. n. d. 27 2 2013 <http://www. workplaceinfo. com. au/resources/employment-topics-a-z/management-prerogative>. Mediation. n. d. 28 2 2013 <http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Mediation>. What is a grievance? n. d. 26 2 2013 <http://www. griev. com/whatisagrievance. html>.