In US. Remember it would be wise

In order to fulfill your
dream of studying in a US university you should clear the student visa
interview test. Clearing the interview might be the hardest part of the whole
process. However, you will find it easier if you follow these tips.

US officials have been
instructed to look at each student applicant as a potential job seeker. So it
would be in your best interest to convince the official that you are going
there to study and you will not seek a job after graduating. You will have to
provide reasons why you want to come back to your homeland after graduation.
Think of the believable reason for returning. You can talk about the different
opportunities that will open to you when you return to your homeland after
studying in the US. Remember it would be wise to talk about real opportunities.
So do the actual research and get your facts right.

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Since you will have to talk
in English when in the United States, your expertise in the language will be
tested during the interview. It would be in your best interest if you practice
your English language skills before your interview. It would help if you do not
stammer during the interview.

The interviewing official will
ask things about you. So, it would be wise to talk about yourself. This student
visa is for you and not your family members. That is why you should not talk
about other members of your family. However, when you talk about yourself be
precise and do not elaborate unnecessarily. It will hurt your prospects. Over-elaborating
any point will not do you any good.  These interviews last for a few minutes and officials
will look for reasons to reject your application.

Documents should be
properly filed. It will be advisable not to give any documents unless you have
been asked for it specifically. Documents you submit should be clear. That is
the interviewing official should not have any confusion about what is stated in
the document.  However, do not show any false
documents. There is a harsh penalty for false documents. So, it would be in
your best interest to show only true documents.

 Give a detailed plan about how you are going
to finance your education in the US. Convincing the interviewing official that
you have the financial resources needed to support yourself and pay for your
education. In case you have dependents back at home, you should convince the
official that you have a solid plan to support them.

By following these tips you
can improve your chances of fulfilling your dream of studying in the US. Once
you clear the student visa interview you have cleared the first obstacle on
your path to getting a degree from a US university.