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In the interview where Maria Tatar talks about Fairy tales, she believes that violent material in Fairy Tales is less important than the “evil” is defeated. I agree with her because Fairy Tales are meant to show how one fought over bad and it end as “happily ever after”. In our today’s life, we have very over dramatic and violent fairy tales which includes Bambi and Red Riding hood, where she is afraid of wolves’ attack on her. Every fairy tale has a great ending where the monster is meant to be defeated at the end, after a lot of struggle. If we have some kind of action in fairy tales then only one can enjoy it and learn to win even after facing some difficult problems. When my parents read fairy tales to me, they always explained to me that learn to be like Snow White, because snow-white got poisoned by her mother but as she was nice and kind to all dwarfs, she got alive and lived happily ever after with his prince. So, amount of violent material in a Fairy tale is less important than the evil is defeated because Fairy tales help children to be nice, strong and fearless. and violence in fairy tales will teach them how to deal with problems in the real world and to be victorious in real life.

In my life, Fairy Tales played a very significant role throughout my journey of becoming a teenager. I watched and read mostly all the fairy tales including that stories with the disturbing or violent content. For example-The three little pigs, The beauty and beast, Pinocchio, The Sleeping Beauty and the ugly ducklings, etc. All the fairy tales have at least some or the little violent content like in the Ugly ducklings, a little chick, escapes from the barnyard and lives with the wild geese and ducks who soon slaughtered by the hunters. So, that story never made me think of being cruel to someone or taught me to slaughter some small creature. It always makes me believe that after going through all ups and downs, good people will get the victory and bad people would get defeated or punished. Fairy tales are for entertainment and sometimes to learn so, after spending all my childhood listening to that stories, I would definitely agree with Tatar’s assessment. And even I would recommend, making fascinating fairy tales which will make our future kid’s childhood more exciting.

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However, some people think that amount of fairy tale should be given more importance as it directly impacts on children’s brain. Even some people believe that they should ban reading fairy tales to their children. In an article published in The New York Times on January 12, 2009, Are Fairytales too scary for children? Lisa Belkin describes “According to poll 50% would not read fairy tales to their children until they were at least five years old and 17% said that the stories would give their children nightmares. If we think little precisely, fairytales are not manipulating children’s mind but, it shows kids how to handle problems, it teaches them lessons, it helps develop a child’s imagination. As Sheila Kohler says- “fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed”. So, there is no need to emphasize more on violence because that even exist in the real world too. Let them learn how to be a hero by kicking off all the problems and spreading positivity.

Conclusively, minimizing all the facts and researchers, I would agree with Tatar’s assessment that fairy tales should exist and there should be no issues related to the amount of violent material in it. As, Violence exists everywhere and there is no denial in that so, we should make them imagine, how to become a hero of their own life by defeating problems. So, let’s take up these ancient stories and lift our children and grandchildren on our laps to hear them once more.