In Road Transportation Many distribution centers around

In recent years, as 3PLs and 4PLs continue to leverage IT
platforms as major service-selling points, logistics companies are
becoming increasingly hard to distinguish them from technology providers. We can see common software and service in all solutions used in warehouse management,
procurement/purchasing, and other operational applications in the supply chain. The softwares used
in all these areas are using cloud based solution concept with integrated
technical support services. It works on
simple concepts, transport companies and the customer, who needs logistics
service will register on the app and the app will connect the right logistic
company with right customer. Here there is no skope for broker.

The Blurred Line between Logistics
and Technology Services

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The truck manufacturers all over the world are
doing lot of research on developing the autonomous trucks. It has a set a
trend in recent years, but it is still not so practically possible. The idea of
driverless vehicles and the rate of research and development towards these
trucks have already proven themselves as a realistic way to slash the transport cost. Hopefully all the issues,
which are not solved yet, will be solved in coming years and will be able to
see these trucks soon oin coming years

Autonomous Road Transportation


distribution centers around the world atre already operating with automation
but most of them are limited to workflow automation with advanced warehouse
management system. Now it is the time for modernising our warehouses with robotics technologies. With robots in the
warehouse, they
can pick conventionally from shelves or floor-locations, than warehouse
operators will be quick to seize the opportunity to switch from manual to
(largely) automated distribution centres. Robots are capable of picking up
to 400 orders in just one hour. One of the French online retailer-Alibaba,
has already introduced robots in to their operation. After
raping up a robotic labour in one of the warehouse, it has reduced human
operators in the facility by nearly 70%.


Warehouse Robotics in the Supply