In like human”(146). The Text shows that

In situations of all types,  people need to be able to take extreme measures. In Patricia McCormic story she tells us a story of a boy named Arn During the Cambodian Holocaust. In the book, Never Fall Down there is Arn his family the Khmer Rouge (including Sombo) and other character and how they would struggle to survive. In the book characters are forced to take extreme measures in order to survive. In the Novel Never Fall Down Patricia McCormic develops a theme of in order to survive one must be able to take extreme measures through character decisions and actions. In the novel, McCormic Develops a theme through decisions. While Arn is Walking through the forest and he finds monkeys that take care of him and give him food but Arn decides to kill the monkey. In the book, it states “I grab him.Twist his neck I feel bad not like human”(146). The Text shows that Arn decided to kill the monkey even after they took care of him and gave him food.In other words, this quote shows decision making is necessary for survival because in doing a horrible act he might have felt remorse, therefore gaining sanity which would help him survive. Therefore the decision that Arn Makes could help him to survive. Another time that shows decision making is necessary for survival is when Arn is walking through the woods with the Khmer Rouge and ends up finding his sister. In the book Arn States “Now I know you living I will live to “(McCormic 129). This quote shows that Arn was starting to not care about surviving but when he saw his sister again the decision he makes is that he’ll survive for her. If not for the fact that Arn saw his sister he would care as much and would have been more likely to die. This quote proves that decisions are important for survival because the decision that Arn makes as a promise for his sister keeps him going. Because of that decision, Arn would actually try to survive making it less likely for him to die.Ultimately without the skill of decision making, it would be near impossible to survive or take McCormic develops the theme of the story through character actions. One time where this shows is when Arn was in a building ready to eat when a bomb come there way but Sombo saves him. In the story, it states “Then from out of nowhere we hear a whistle that says bomb… Sombo reacher across the fire and grab me…The kid next to me pieces on ground”(McCormic 125). This quote shows that Arn was saved by Sombo. If not for Sombos actions Arn could have died. In this quote, Sombos actions helped Arn Survive. The only reason that Arn survived is because of sombos actions. So that means that this quote shows that actions are needed for survival. Another time where taking action is needed for survival is when Arn is walking through a village and there’s a woman that asks Arn to kill her. In the Book, the woman states “Please she says kill me. She grab my ankle and beg don’t let me die like this”(McCormic).In this quote, the lady doesn’t want to die a horrible death so she tells Arn to kill her. The action she took of asking Arn to kill her was an extreme measure. The action the lady took led to a faster death. But in the end, without being able to take action survival in extreme situations or other situations it would be virtually impossible to survive.Through both character decisions and actions, Patricia McCormic Develops a theme of in order to survive one must be willing to take extreme measures in the novel Never Fall Down. Arn’s decision that he will live for his sister encouraged him to survive. That means that decision making is an important skill needed for survival. In addition to decisions, actions also show how it would be necessary for survival. Like when Sombos action helped save Arn from the bomb because if not for that Arn wouldn’t have survived.Ultimately in order to survive, one must be willing to take extreme measures.