In life,, own satisfaction is better than success. Bcoz success is a measure decided by others, while satisfaction is measure decided by us Essay

Reading book is much more better , and has more benefits, than watching TV. Books increase your background knowledge, add words to your vocabulary, improves person both cultural and spitually. ” to read the book it takes more time then watching tv” In my opinion, it is also one of the advantages, that books has. Have you ever read any book? Have you ever had an amazing and sad feeling, when your book comes to an end, and you don`t want it ends? If you turn to another chanel to see news, you won`t be able to see a movie đŸ˜€ But , you can put aside your book , to turn on TV and see news. And return to your book in any time. Also, I don`t agree, that news extent the range of interest. Books do it, not news. There is no need , in watching news, most of them are censored and controlled by local government. But, it`s another issue, which deserve another debate. Through reading books, you are able to learn thoughts of differnt great people. Does movie provide such opportunity? Also, I want to note , that quality of movies and TV programms are quite low. What about movies?

Most of them are done to extract money from people, and they are not value. They dont contribute any good in cinematograph . What about TV? Mostly it consists of censored news, primitive pop music , which you wont remember after few months, and silly TV shows. But today, more and more young people prefer to watch TV instead of reading book. Also, I would like to mention that books watching TV does not mean watching movies only, it also means to watch other interactive tv programs, which also contribute to develop personally. You can learn lots of things by watching tv/ For example, watch discover chanel there is a lot of interesting facts and information. Little kids learn other languages by only watching tv for fun, for instance I learnt English by watching tv and tv movies as well, I listened to people”s talk and gave me an opportunity to improve both my speaking and listening skills. IN addition is a picture is worth a 1000 words and by reading one can never picture anything that they are either learning, reading for fun or anything but with a television everything is just picture perfect .

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