In environment. It helps to improve the

In this report, we are going to discuss on how
organizational behavior concepts can help ABC technoliges in its operations.

ABC technologies is a sowftwar developing based
company, located in USA but operates in the international markets. Its makes
software for retail customers but recently it has been facing some iusess in
maintaining talents and dividing the roles to be played among its employes,
which has led to making things complicated and difficult for the company to
deliver services to its customers on time.

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Concept of organizational behavior

close observation of people on how they perform when introduced to a group in
an organisation is known as Organisational Behavior. It also studies the effect
of human behavior on performance, working environment, motivation, etc. This
observations are mainly used by the companies, so that its management can
perform more effecteinly. Usually HR department of the company uses organizational behavior theories to get maxium output
form each person in the group. There are two organizational behavior theories
which can be observed by the companies, internal perspective and extrenal
perspective. (Staff, 2017)

behavior plays an important role in an organization because it helps the
company to understand better about the behavior of its employes as an
individual as well when in group. It helps company to divide the power and role
to be played by the diiferent froup in thr organization. It makes easier for
employes to comminucate with their superiours on how they think and act to the
environment of the workplace. (Scholastica
and Scholastica, 2017)

Few points are listed
below to show the importance of organizational behavior in business

It helps every individual in
the organization to understand the proper organizational environment.
It helps to improve the
comminucations between employees and 
their supieors and also among their co-employess.
It helps organization to study
how the behavouires of individual work in working environment and
determine wehtere its harmfull or productive for the organization.
It helps employess to
understand the rules, culture, values that are followed by the company and
what the organization behavioral expects from its employess.
 It helps the organization to know the
motives of the problems raised by the behavior of an individual and how
the organization can take steps to correct it.
It helps in dividing the work
and power among the managers and its employes for compeleting the work
more effectively without facing any issues.
It helps in motaviting the
employees of the organization to perfom better through providing rewards
and encouragements for their good work.
It helps organization to
understand the impact of any change in rule or policy of the organization
on its employees before any of the changes are made. (, 2017)


discussions and review

behavior has certain fundamental concepts which can be divide into nature of
people and nature of the organization.


of people is generally about describing the qualities of an individual in the
organization that can be uniqe or similar to other individual.

main factors affecting nature of people is as follows,


Difference – this type of difference usually arises due difference in mindset
of individuals as every individuals are different from each other. The
individuals are different because they have lived their lives in different ways
than others since birth.

when this type of differnces is faced by the management of the ABC
technologies, the managers of the company should try to understand the problems
faced by the employee individually and treat the employees equally and try to
solve the problem instaed of favouring specific employee over other for better
mangment of the employees  of the
organizations. (, 2017) (, 2017)


– ablity of a person to see an object or a thing in a differwent manner than
others. The perception of a person for something is ussally based on the
practice they believe in or something they learned through their life
experience and is very natural to have different oppions for the same thing by
two diiferent persons. Therefore the managent of the ABC technologies should
try to understand the different preceptions of its employess in order to create
a stable working environment for its workers so that the management can work
without any tourble in the company since employees can look diiferently to a
job that they are assigned.


whole person – an no business organization can hire only
good qualities of a person without accepting with its bad qualities because the
organization has to employee a whole person. It is impossible for any person to
compeletly seprate his/her personal life from their work life and this has to
be understood by the business organization. And no matter how much they try to
keep their work life and personal life sepperate, eventually both work and
personal life will have effect on each other. The management of the ABC
technologies should understand the qualities such as emotions and feeling can
play in the life of their employees and accepts their employees as a whole






Motivated behavior – the behavior that are triggered
in a person after being motivated by a life event or by someone else. There are
two types of motivation in the business world, positive motivation and negative
motavition. In short positive motivation is more about encouraging someone to
compelet their work by promising them something in return after its completed
and negative motativation is about terathning someone to compelet their work or
they can lose their job. But business organization uses mostly positive
motivation to encourage its employees since negative motivation can have bad
impact on the minds of its employees on the long run which may lead to
affecting the working processes of the organization. ABC technologies
management should make sure that they appreciate the job done by its employees
and give them promotions on timely bases.   


for Involvement – very employee of any bussines organization has a desire of
making difference in the organization through sharing their ideas in the
decision making procees and they wait for a long time to get a chances to share
their ideas when important decisions are required to be made. ABC technologies
management should involve their employees in the decision-making process of the
company and listsen to what they have to say in the process, this way the
employees may start to feel that they are part of the company and the
organization may get out of the box idea in the process.


Value of person – no
employee of an organization want to see them selfves as machenice of the
company, they want to be appreciated for their talents and get oppurunities
provided by the organization to develop themselves. The management of ABC
technologies should value its employees for their hard work and help them to
improve their skills.


Nature of
organization is bsicaly about the image of the company and standard of its
employees. It tells the main reason behind the motive of the company.

The main factors
affecting is as follows,

Social system – usually
organization are social system. They do socialize with other companies, people
and their employees. The social behavior of an organization is based on their
group and also on individual drives. There is two types of social system,
formal social system in which the organization socialize with other companies
or with their own employees and informal social system in people socialize
freely with others. The management of ABC technologies should organize events
in order to socialize with its employees and help their employees to socializ
with their other employees.


Mutual interest – it
is mutual understanding between the organization and its employees to help each
other to reach their respective goals since organization needs people and
people need organization to continue and grow. Mutual interest encourages
employees of the orgainasationb to solve orgnisational problems instead of
attacking each other. ABC technologies management should try to cerate mutual
interest among its employees to perfrom the organization function normally
without any delays.

 Ethics – it’s the moral values that are
followed by individual, group and organization. Organizations are providing
ethical treatment to retain its valuable employees and are also setting certain
moral standarads. Mangament of ABC tecnologoies should
launch reward system for performing great ethical behavior.


Holistic concept –
its regaruding the relationships between employees and organosation about
the whole person, whole group, whole organization and whole social system.