In communication. And this has led to

the last 30 years, humanity has made a breakthrough in technology and
communication. And this has led to the fact that social media
and communication technology are growing rapidly throughout the world, and at the moment has become a part of our lives.

Achievements in the technology sphere continue to
change all aspects of social media platforms and has become key tools in the
evolution of lifestyle and communication. Social media is the satisficed
communications channels dedicated to community-based compound, interaction, the
creation and sharing of information, while this media is based on technological
items (Definition,,
September 2016). Today there are a lot of types of
media platforms such us Facebook, VK, WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail, Bitcoin and
others, which are divided to several groups via their targets of consumer usage.
But the main feature of all of them is spreading information.

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There are some positive and negative aspects of
technology and social networking that have a great impact on human life. These
are advantages of interactive multimedia. Firstly, social network services can
help with a variety of things such as seeking a new job, finding romance,
locating assistance, receiving support from like-minded individuals, making or
receiving career or personal advice, sharing political beliefs and accessing
news in real time. It offers more convenience: it is quicker and simpler to
contact people over the long distance. Secondly, social media is a stage where
people can work efficiently and make money. Recent
studies at the University of Wisconsin have determined that people working at
home remotely, are much more productive than those who are in offices (Neff Consulting, 22 November, 2010). The reason for
the effectiveness of remote work is the  low level of stress, moreover, working
remotely, a person feels calmer and more free, independently regulating his
rhythm of work. Thirdly, via mobile communication, access has been learned
remotely and to receive all the necessary resources for self-development.
Distance education allows you to become the owner of new knowledge and expand
the range of professional competencies without additional efforts. For
instance, nearly three million students currently enrolled in fully online
degree programs and six million taking at least one online course as part of
their degree program. In addition, there are a lot of fields such us business,
advertising, marketing  using social
networking websites (Maryanne Gaitho, December 13, 2017).

Development of digital technologies and media has led to the spread of cyberbullying, hacking, stalking and other privacy concerns. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place communication technology like cell phones, computers, and tablets, and can occur through social media where people can view. It includes sending, posting, or sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. For example, cyber-bullying has spread broadly among young people, teenagers, with 42% reporting that they have been victims, according to a 2010 CBS News report (Brian Jung). Second drawback is harmful impact on health of residents. Due to this there are various diseases of the eyes and back such as osteochondrosis and scoliosis, hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (short-sightedness). From my point of view, communication has improved greatly by emerging and continual growth of social media. Social media has evolved communication to new heights. The simplicity of access makes it very valuable to everyone from pastors to politicians. As communication technology evolves, social networking media will improve and continue to soar to new heights. The positive impact on communication and education definitely overcomes the negative and makes it very helpful.