In assurance of women’ rights. The prelude

In the year 2003 the AU adopted a Protocol on the Rights of women to reinforce the advancement and assurance of women’ rights. The prelude features a few contemplations requiring the protocol. These contemplations incorporate an acknowledgment of Article 2 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, which reveres the guideline of non-segregation. It incorporates Article 18, which approaches all states to wipe out oppression women. It likewise incorporates arrangements which perceive women’ fundamental part in development1, the guideline of advancing sexual orientation fairness as revered in the Consultative Act of the AU and additionally the New Partnership for Africa’s Development. The contemplations likewise consider other important revelations, resolutions and choices which underline the dedication of African states to guarantee the full support of African women as equivalent accomplices in Africa’s improvement.2


By virtue of the protocol, Nigerian women are ensured the privilege to dignity,3 the right to life, integrity and security of persons,4 freedom from unsafe practices which contrarily influence the human privileges of women,5 equal rights in marriage,6 equal rights in instances of divorce, separation and annulment,7 the right to equal protection and benefit of the law,8the right to participate in politics9 the right to a peaceful existence and participation in the promotion and maintenance of peace,10 the right to education and training,11 parallel open door in work and vocation advancement;12 the privilege to wellbeing, including sexual and reproductive rights,13 the privilege to food security,14 the right to satisfactory housing;15 the right to a positive cultural context;16 the right to sustainable development,17 the privilege to maintainable development;18 widows rights,19 the privilege to fair partake in inheritance,20 the privilege of elderly women to special protection and freedom from violence,21 the privilege of women with inabilities to exceptional protection and freedom from violence;22 the right of

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1 United Nations Plans of Actions on the Environment and Development in 1992, on Human Rights in 1993, on Population and Development in 1994 and on Social Development in 1995


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