Impacts of foreign worker Essay

One of the impacts of illegal foreign worker in Malaysia is our social security. This is because some of the illegal foreigners are the terrorists in their country so that they come to our country to release themselves from the law impeachment. Unfortunately, they continue associated with the cases of robbery and rape in Malaysia. As a result, citizens live in fear and maybe afraid to go outside. Those illegal immigrants are influenced by their culture such as fighting among each other and lifestyle to survive in their country. If they continue commit crimes, they will bring a bad image to Malaysia. Another big problem that brings to our country is dangerous diseases. As we know that illegal foreigners come from rural areas so when they enter to our country they do not even go to the public or the private health department for a medical check-up. Some of the diseases such as HIV, AIDS and TB are brought by them.

Because of these diseases, all citizens become afraid to be affected by those and some of them have been a victim of the diseases. Today, more and more people are suffering from these diseases and this contributes towards the cases of death. Civil rights are class of right and freedom that protect the individual from unwarranted government action. What this mean is that violation of civil rights is our local labour right has been taken by illegal immigrants. Many employers prefer to hire illegal foreigners in the plantation sector and construction industry because their salaries were much lower. This will definitely affect the employment opportunities of our citizens even though not all the people are interest in this job. Therefore, our local workers are faced with the shortage of job opportunities.

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