Imagination and Reality Essay

1. 1 Knowledge questions: 1. List the different types of workgroups? There are two different types of groups: Formal which is a group that has a specific task to do in order to meet their goals? Informal groups are for e. g. sporting clubs. 2. Explain the meaning of group dynamics? Group dynamics means the personalities of individuals in a group and one person can change the whole dynamics of the group. 3. Explain the meaning of synergy? The meaning of synergy is when two or more people work together in an organisation especially when the sum is greater than the individual parts. . List the three interpersonal concerns within groups?

* Inclusion * Control * acceptance 5. List your own responsibilities and duties in relation to workgroup members? * Follow all rules and policies of the job. * Behave in a courteous and helpful manners * Completing allocated tasks as and when required * Seeking assistance from an appropriate person is difficulties arise * Using active and effective listening and questioning to clarify instructions and responsibilities 6. Explain the meaning of group norms?

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Group norms are certain behaviours that expected from all members of the group formed specifically to the member on how they should react with each other. 7. List the number of factors that can affect the completion of your work tasks? 6 8. How can you encourage constructive feedback? You can ask them on how well you worked on the tasks, what changes/ improvements you can make. 1. 1 Case study: 1. How will you help this person to integrate into your work group so that there is minimum disruption to present work procedure?

You can the person by being friendly and helping him out so he at least knows the basics. 2. What are the problems that you can foresee when this young man joins your workgroup? He might be uncomfortable, being a bit shy and not responding as much as the members in the group or have a different opinion to point out. 3. How do you think this new member to your workgroup will affect the group dynamics and the synergy of your present workgroup? It might be negative or a positive start as he is from a different age group and it makes it harder for him to fit in and speak freely. . Describe the responsibilities and duties of all the members of your present workgroup to this new member of the group? Manager’s job is to make sure that the allocated tasks are completed and to give out the tasks fairly to all the members of the group and also their best abilities. The sales people’s job is to complete all the tasks allocated to them and have a good result. Junior assistance will be helping the manager out with anything they ask for.