I’m somewhere. That’s where I am. In

I’m in limbo. Stuck. Trapped in a nightmare that keeps rewinding then playing and playing again, like my whole life’s been recorded on a tape and played in some dingy hideaway somewhere. That’s where I am. In that dark, unnerving retreat: inside my own head. How I got here? I can’t really answer that, I wish I could.Sleeping has been so hard lately. I don’t know the cause, I just wake up in the middle of the night sometimes in a cold sweat. I got so afraid. That I had to turn on every light in the house, I just couldn’t help myself. I felt liked something pushed me to turn them on. But, I felt better, and that’s all that mattered. I went back to my room and crashed on the mattress.You know, this is the sameThe traffic that night never seemed to stop. I covered my head with a pillow, and lie there in frustration. I tried to clear my mind, but I can only think of the aggravating sound that seems to be blasting into my ears. Then, everything shoots into me, every thought I’ve thought, every thought I thought about thinking are the thoughts I thought. Confusing, isn’t it? So is that sound. How it travels to my ears, like how a bird can be so still, then fly away in the blink of an eye. Well, maybe not that fast, but that’s all I can think of. A bird so fast, it can travel the length of a highway in a second. Maybe, those do exist. Maybe, they’re so fast we can’t see them, like ghosts. What happens if you aren’t a ghost? Do you relive your life, another life, what you wished for in the past life? I might be thinking too big. What if you relived memories, little clips, over and over? What if, I relived something worse than that?This was the point that my theory was proven right-an awful ending, really. I don’t even know how it happened, it was just like any other night, only without the annoying loud noises outside the window. There I was, staring into the back of my own head, thinking of nothing butthe bothersome screams of the machines on the highway. Then, there I went. Slipping into another world, full of anything I could think of, or, more specifically, what I’ve thought of. My horrid nightmares, full of unsettling mind-made monsters, with tall slender bodies made of nothing but clouds of my own thought. Ugly, twisted freaks that made their way into my head, but also funny in a way, like bootlegs of people from my real life, just distorted.