Illegal Downloading Cause Essay

A report by Jupiter Research suggests that the music industry may = be facing a crisis because of the number of young people still illegally downloading music from Internet. The problem has now grown so serious that the numbers of young people who download music from illegal file-sharing websites outnumber those using legal services. According to a survey , 5712 nearly 6000 respondents said they had illegally download or streamed music in the past 12months. Of these, 69. 5per cent said they did so regularly.

The top five reasons given for illegally downloading/streaming music were: “I want it in MP3 format without copy protection” (43. 2%), “it’s convenient” (37. 0%), “CDs are too expensive” (36. 5%), “it’s free” (33. 2%), and “trying before buying” (28. 2%). So,what is the cause of the major people prefer for download music illegally? Let me introduce some . The top four reasons given for illegally downloading music were: people want it in MP3 format without copy protection. The convenience, CDs are too expensive that people cannot burden .

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They also want to know whether they like the song before they decide to buy it. The most benefit of downloading online that is it is free. Put yourself in the shoes of a person that likes pop music , classic music , and also computer games , Those things coast a lot money. If you were a poor person , then you couldn’t buy all. What’s more? Young people basically have just come to expect music for free,because they believe that artist make enough money from other concept ,performance. Another reason that is they know they will rarely be punished for illegal downloading.