Identity: People Essay

“Is identity something people are born with or given, or is it something people create for themselves ?” I suppose that identity is all of those things to a certain extent. People are born with certain characteristics, and throughout their life, they’re even given an identity. The big issue in the teenage school world is children creating an identity for themselves.” True identity is something people must create for themselves.” In elementary school I saw children acting out just to fit it and I often see it now here at Floyd! I even know from experience that identity can be given, and that you must create it for yourself and you sure can be born with it.

Also people that strive to belong to a certain group often reform themselves to the piont of no return. For example someone that wants to be preppy or popular will change their appearance and style, their actions, their way of thinking and making decisions. Many popular people have money, more money than others, so those that want to belong might make up loes about themselves and create an alternate reality where they are rich and just like the popular people. They can get caught up in that reality and all the changes they’ve made and lose their true self.

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Then when someone is trying to fit in with others, they can end up alienating their true friends and even family because they are so stuck on being apart of that group. They don’t talk to anyone besides that group and may act out toward family because of the frustration of trying to fit in. They can also act out because they became a totally different person with a different attitude. Thay can become alienated from the group they want to belong with too. Their reputation can be damaged and they could be bullied, ect This has lead to suicide for some.

Finally the group they want to fit in might be bad influences. The person Could get into bad situations and end up in trouble. Examples: could get into trouble at school (suspended, expelled, detentions, falling grades), could get into trouble with the law for going along with what the group wants them to do.