?????????????????????????????????????????????» I will list the here:BlueHCF |

?????????????????????????????????????????????» IGN | Updatered ( https://namemc.com/Updatered )?????????????????????????????????????????????» Timezone | Central?????????????????????????????????????????????» Do you have a good microphone? | I have a working mic but might be loud at times since it is a headset mic.?????????????????????????????????????????????» Twitter / Telegram:Telegram | @UpdateredTwitter | @IGNUpdatered?????????????????????????????????????????????» Have you had any past punishments on the FenixMC Network? | No I have not had any previous punishments here on FenixMC. And I planning not to have any punishments on here. But nope no punishments. At least I don’t think so this map.?????????????????????????????????????????????» How active can you be per day | I could be active for 4 – 5 + hours but here is my schedule:(This schedule is brief and I might not be home at some of these times.)Monday | 4:30 – 10:00Tuesday | 5:00 – 10:30Wednesday | 5:00 – 9:45Thursday | 5:00 – 10:00Friday | 5:00 – 2 – 3 AMSaturday | Possibly all daySunday | Possibly all day(This might change but it depends if I am hanging out with friends // emergencies, etc.)?????????????????????????????????????????????» Do you have any staff experience? Yes, I will list the here:BlueHCF | a lot of people know me from this server. But I was an owner on this server and I was kind of the manager as well. And so I was toxic back then when this server was up but not to the players. And I feel really bad for being kind of mean to my friends / staff members *They were my friends because after I know them for a while I started becoming good friends with my staff members* But it did shut down and people still ask me to this day if it is coming back up.HCKingdom | On this server I was an Owner / Admin and every time I tried to leave the owner wanted me back but to this day the owner doesn’t like me. But I applied on this server I didn’t get staff because I was friends with the owner.RevilHQ | Here, I was a Owner / Mod because I got owner because the server was going to shut down but it did in the end and they are selling it and so I had ss verified and all of that and that is where I know TwoDollars and ImDora from and yeah.KrakenHCF | I was staff on KrakenHCF, I know the owner doesn’t like that server but I resigned because the server was just not right for me. I also didn’t like how most staff were abusing and I got a strike for accidentally picking up an item and then giving it back after going out of staffmode as the manager phased into peoples bases and made them raidable. So I resigned on there and yeah.NeutralHCF | Here I was a media owner, I did some of the permissions and helped I basically resigned due to the staff team being corrupt and giving an egirl from trial-mod to plat-admin and yeah.EvolvedHCF | Here I was a Trial-Mod and I got promoted in the first two days because I didn’t slack and I was doing pretty okay at my job. So I got promoted easily and it basically shut down and one of my friends etb’d it which was boatglitch.(That was a couple since I didn’t remember all of the servers)?????????????????????????????????????????????» Why should we choose you to be on our staff team? | I should like to be chosen as a staff member on FenixMC because I am very active as said above, and I am a very responsible person and as a staff member. I also be active and do support rooms daily. And I am only toxic at times but mostly I am not toxic. But if I am just tell me and ill watch it and I won’t be toxic. And I am a very good staff member when it comes to screensharing I can screenshare pretty well and I would be able to record a staff series (MAYBE) and I am have 2.3k on YouTube currently so I definitely be able to possibly stream or record a staff series if I am allowed to. I have not been playing for a long time but I have been playing for maybe half a week but I am going to try to play as much as I can on SOTW depending on a lot of things. Also a server that I spent time on I had 10+ hours of playtime on the first week I got promoted. and I am planning to get a lot of playtime on here aswell, that sums up a bit of this part I will list more reasons into a more organized part.(Some more reason here on this part)Good Staff Member: I am a good staff member so I know how to handle some situations smoothly without anybody getting angry. I can also help out with other higher staff that might need help with something.Patient: I am patient at times and I can have patience with most things. I can also have a lot of patience with things I ask for and they come like 3 days later.Screensharing: I know how to screenshare because I have a screenshare tool and it shows me how to screenshare and it has some guides, as though they are not rats which I would never want to harm a players pc. I would also never harm them // their property in any way while Screensharing.Quiet: I can also be quiet at times and that is when I am either thinking or doing something other than talking in TeamSpeak, etc.Active: Like I said I am very active always and I am also very active on, TeamSpeak, Telegram, Discord, etc. So I can handle most things while most higher staff are offline.Quality: I spend a lot of time into things I do, like lets say I do an application I will spend a lot of time into it that is why I am in the middle of making this application right now! Fun: I usually make things fun if I have permission like if there was a hacker and I would ask another staff member if I could see if they could do a water bucket challenge etc. Also I am a very fun person to talk to and hang around with, most people think I am chill and funny.Some of the things I hate: Some things I hate is when people don’t understand a certain situation and think something else which is not right. I also don’t like being called my irl name which Sneakly did to make me angry on purpose and I can really understand if they did it once and didn’t know but I would just can you not call me by my irl name and if they stopped it would be better. Staff Guide: I have a staff guide that shows ban times, and how to screenshare so I might use that for basic commands and ban times, so if some of them are not correct I would prob need to be corrected. (Btw I like quality over quantity xd)Funny: Most people think I am pretty funny but I can be at times but if you are going to be toxic there is no point in being like toxic, etc. Like it is going to get everyone mad and start a lot of stuff that I usually don’t like to start. But I am funny and I like to tell jokes sometimes. xDRecord: I will record most of my bans and so I have proof if he comes and ts and asks for proof for why he was banned I could just show him the proof and we could be all set. Also I would like to make a staff series here on FenixMC.?????????????????????????????????????????????» Additional Information | I would love to be a staff member here on FenixMC! Also thank you for reading my application! Also thank you for reading have a nice day. Hopefully I can get accepted as a T-Mod here on FenixMC!?????????????????????????????????????????????