I there were many in need of

I have decided to opt for a
degree in social work as I have always wanted to be able to make a difference
in the lives of people. With a concentration on mental health, I believe I can
do this in a more supportive way. My first experience of mental health dates
back to my undergraduate years when my best friend quit her entire semester to
battle depression. She faced a lot of difficulties until she was diagnosed and
has been on and off on medication ever since. Another recent experience has
been with my father when my mother and I detected symptoms of depression in
him. Due to social stigma surrounded around mental health, it took him a while
to finally admit that he needed treatment. Due to social stigma surrounded
around mental health, it took him a while to finally admit that he needed
treatment. These personal experiences have further increased my desire to
become a social worker and to help many like my father and best friend.

I hold a master’s degree in
Sociology where I have had the chance to learn about people and societal
problems across South Asia. My dissertation involved intensive field work where
I had interviewed a lot of women with out-migrant husbands from Sindhupalchowk
district to know about their situation and coping strategies after the
disastrous 2015 earthquake in Nepal. I experienced that even though some women
were coping with the situation well, there were many in need of a mental health
counselor/expert to help them. 

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Over the years, my professional
and voluntary experiences involved interaction with a lot of individuals from
different social and economic background. My work demanded fieldwork across
many parts in Nepal. Due to this I have had a chance to understand people and
their problems. My role as a Program Coordinator is to oversee various
different programs and projects that are being carried out and to make sure
that they are accountable to its respective communities, finding different
fundraising agencies to fund new/previous programs and to help the implementing
partners in achieving their desired goals and objectives. I feel immensely
proud knowing that I have previously had a role in making this institution well
functioning. I believe that strong analysis skills is key to effective leadership,
since a clear understanding of a problem will always be integral to the design
and delivery of an effective solution. These experiences have helped me
in increasing my interest in social work and specifically in mental health. I
believe my work has helped me become more and more empathetic and has helped me
develop and improve my skills to enhance my capabilities to deal with
vulnerable situations.

Being a professional working in
the nonprofit sector, I have learnt how to communicate effectively, work within
a team, use my own initiatives whenever required and have had the ability to
manage my social life. Most importantly, I have realized the importance of
counseling and empathy while working with different communities across
different parts in Nepal. The skills and personal qualities I have developed
within my role include problem solving, being able to listen to people and
allow them to talk freely and openly. I have learnt the ability to work well
within a team and the importance of working in partnership with other agencies.

I have always set realistic goals
and have focused on achieving them one at a time. By doing this, I have been
successfully handling all my achievements. I believe the next step for me now
is applying to the MSW program at Boston College. I chose Boston College for its
exclusive academic curriculum, mainly its specialized practice and concentration.
By looking at those who have been close to me fall apart due to mental illness;
I have now realized its importance and would want to make this degree my
starting point to work in a mental health setting and counseling to help those
in need.