I my own writing. I’m a perfectionist.

I describe myself as an “fair”
writer. I wasn’t sure to emphasize the word fair with quotation marks. Self-doubt
is a huge obstacle that tends to hold me back when I write. Although, what does
not hold me back are the flow of words that I type on this blank page. This is
also a problem with my writing. I have this tendency to keep on typing and not
stop. There have been occurrences where the structure of most of my papers consists
of run – on sentences. I’m positive that within the first few sentences of this
paragraph, there are some forms of grammatic error. I still have a lot to work on
to become a better writer.

            I’m not proud of any of my past papers that I’ve written.
I know that all those papers lacked quality, style, and, structure. I know what
my papers lacked many things, but I don’t know how to fix it. That’s why I’m in
Composition I for a reason. Improvement on my writing is crucial for my college
career path. In the next couple of years, I would need to write several or
dozens of research papers for my higher-level college classes.

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            As mentioned in the first paragraph, my main obstacle
when writing is self-doubt. I have trouble generating ideas for an essay because
I am too analytical and critical on my own writing. I’m a perfectionist. Just
when I think I’m doing so well on a paper, I begin to hate it. It’s the little
things that make me dislike my writing. In high school, there were instances
where we would be limited one hour of class time to write a paper. That was not
enough time to brain storm, draft, revise, and write a final paper. Well, that wasn’t
enough time for me at least. That kind of teaching method of writing made me become
a terrible writer. I was taught to rush my writing. I was taught to despise my

            I believe that I am most influenced by the authors of dystopian
literature. George Orwell, Philip K Dick, Ray Bradbury, and so many other authors
publish works of art within this genre. A way that these various authors
influence me, and my writing, is their use of words to create the perfect imagery.
The authors give readers puzzle pieces. With that perfect imagery, it helps
readers fully understand the central theme of the book.

            To become a better writer, I need to learn how to pace
myself. I need to learn how to breath and let the ideas flow without being judgmental.
I need to learn how to structure my writing and style, piece by piece. A big
thing I need to learn is to correctly cite my work. I need to improve my better
use of word choice. The main objective I plan on improving and acquiring throughout
this course is better quality of my papers. I hope by the end of this course, I
am a more relaxed and confident writer.