I friends You don’t want someone to

I wake up everyday and I was just wanna be happyBut my brain does not cooperateIts honestly tragicLiving with depression ain’t what most people thinkI try so motherfucking hard, but I’m still on the brink. Things can seem perfect, but in my head nothins workinI think I need a surgeon to cut me open obverse it, please tell me what is wrong with me, cause I don’t understandUsed to hide these problems behind drugs, now I’m a different man Stop drinkin and droppin, I’m diagonin my problems Now I know the issue, but no idea how to stop ’emIts the craziest thing cause I can see it when it happens but I can’t stop these feelins from racin’ in and then crashin’ And I can feel collision all the way down in my stomach like I got punched in the gutAnd there ain’t no runnin’ from itI could be up at the summit – one thing happen, I plummetThey tell me take my meds and calm down but I don’t like feelin’ nothinNow let me tell you all somethin’ I’ve been like this my whole life, been tryin’ to hide it, that shit ain’t go right My methods of copin’ was just to be drinkin’ and smokin’ Anything I could take, I pop it in and keep goin’ But that was just me not knowin’ that I was makin’ it worse If I would have stayed on that pass, probably be in the herse Cause I was feelin’ so cursed, nothing never went my wayAnd nothin’ but negative thoughts was present in my brain Layin’ down at night but no sleep was comin’ my way My brain won’t shut the fuck up, its been doin’ this all dayDo you know what its like to have to fight with yourself?Tryin’ to seem happy without likin’ yourselfIt all could be over just by blastin’ yourselfBut I ain’t the one to give up, in this fight I need helpSee with this problem in hand, its hard to talk to your friends You don’t want someone to judge you and look at you differentSo I need paper and pen-I open up in these notes Its really all I can do to get the words out my throat And I ain’t lookin’ for someone to feel sorry for me (nah)I just tryin’ to explain all this pain I got insideWhen all you thought was you not good enough when you growin’ up – it makes it hard to see you good enough when you growin’ up Fake it ’til you make it, that’s what everybody say to do. So if the shoe fits, I might as well wear it too See, I the funny guy, crackin’ jokes, deflectin’ attention cause I don’t want nobody noticin’ my soul is missin ‘nd if you feel I’m missin’ then you probably right People ask “whats wrong?” I nothing I’ll be alright And I continue to fight, its an everyday struggle like I in war with myself When my emotions start to bubble people tellin’ me my lyrics are dope I stayin’ humble, I just writing what I’m feelin, tryin’ to help people strugglin’ If you feelin’ what I’m sayin’ , keep ya head upAnd if you need someone to talk to hit my line up Please do not ever give up, until your times up Things will be better, its just gonna take some time bruh