I drive many devices of our day

I hail from state called Gujarat. It’s a land where people converse in Gujarati language and they speak
rarely in English. My secondary and higher secondary education was completed from Gujarati Medium
school. That’s why I found difficult to adjust to the college life during engineering course. However,this
was simply not the time for me to give up. I, coming from an orthodox Gujarati family, had to fight to get
the admission into engineering college as engineering was considered a profession meant only for boys. I
turned to my classmates and professors for help and they advised me to read fictional novels.This helped
me improve my english a great deal as after having initial setback, my academics started improving and
my results improved by a good scale year on year. I scored 76% in my final year after having scored 57 %
in the first year. I have been able to score 7.5 in IELTS as well. My point here is I am motivated individual
and with a little help can excel in the field if chance is given. All I am looking for is that chance to be given.
During my undergraduate studies at the Electronics Engineering department, subjects like digital signal
processing and Audio and Video Engineering interested me the most. I was awestruck by the potential of
signal processing, more so by the manner in which its faster and more powerful methods revolutionized
the entire movie industry in a decade. I was now determined to focus on image processing and video
processing during my final year project. This project helped me establish connection to real world
problems which are still valid at this time.
During my first job at Aricent, I had opportunity to work on video codec standards. I got to explore the
various ARM architectures which drive many devices of our day to day life including most of our mobile
phones,TVs and tablets today. On the other hand, working for Samsung Research,India gave me
opportunity to write a software for masses. I was able to work in fields ranging from Multimedia, Computer
Graphics and Connectivity and came across various software and hardware challenges in day to day life
to develop the product end to end. Annotating the video by analysing its content during recording and
storing a cue from camera preview session like zoom, pan, tilt,focus etc as metadata and thereafter using
that information for accurately defining the important segments of the video to create video summary is
something I worked as part of multimedia team. While my present job has helped me develop a thorough
practical insight into an end to end system development, the industry environment that I am currently in
cannot support my desire for research.
Some of the reasons why Western University is considered quite successful are the career-focused
programmes, vast range of academic courses and the greatest student experience for which it is awarded
multiple times. Therefore, I am applying to join the fall term of year 2018. I am inclined to learn the
concepts of computer vision and Artificial Intelligence and applying the same to multimedia domain. I
have seen some great research work going on in Western and I hope that I would be given an opportunity
to work under professors, especially experts in the field of computer imaging for instance Dr Steven
Beauchemin whose current thesis projects are in relation to the fields of real-time computer vision and
image processing and advanced driving assistance systems. I found his expertise related to IPCV in
resonance with my research interests. I am also interested to learn under professor Dr Mahmoud
El-sikka who has done several publications. His publication on recognizing endangered whale species
with the help of neural networks is quite fascinating. I have inclination towards working on deep learning
methods and applying the concepts to visual images. I am excited and also prepared to take the
challenges of studying in the graduate program offered by Western University.