I be done by machines as well

 I am an engineering undergraduate and have a job of systems
engineer. Future is not set in stone but in future I see myself working on the
projects which have relevance and cutting edge technology. I also aspire to
become an established public speaker and act as a motivational speaker and act
as a performance coach. Like I mentioned earlier my job is also under threat,
not right now but eventually it will be. For what I do, can be done by machines
as well and they won’t ask for pay checks and yearend bonuses. So how will I
stay economically relevant? The answer is simple. I will make myself
irreplaceable. When AI becomes the cutting edge thing of the future then I will
prefer to be in the mix of it all rather than be a spectator. I plan to help
the machines learn better and work better by writing  better scripts for automation. Researching
for this work piece has made me realise a few things about the whole process of
script writing and how I can help it improve.

is done by writing scripts to embed into new structures. This typically leads
to two problems. The first one is diversity. Usually, those tasks need to be
automated which are repetitive and are done under the assumption that nothing
about them will change. This rarely happens as not only does the technology
versions change but so do the policies as well. The second problem is what I
like to refer as “infinite scaling”. The end to end processes, that need to be
automated, typically consist of multiple if-else selections, where too many
situations need to be addressed to handle automation. Solving these scenarios
is what present day researchers and engineers are associated with and I plan to
do the same in the future.

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Being a
public speaker puts a person in direct touch with people and it involves good
communication skills and ability to understand what the crowd expects of you
and how you can deliver that to the best of your abilities. It isn’t a job
which is under the threat of being automated in the near future but like I said
before future is not set in stone and so the possibilities stay endless. And
considering that this field also comes in the radius of the machines, I would
do well to be prepared and be at my absolute best. Technology and AI itself can
serve me in this process by making me a better speaker. For example, there is a
mobile application called Orai available on iOS platform, which uses AI to
improve public speaking skills. It takes one’s speech as input and runs it next
to Toastmaster’s data base which is an international club for public speaking
and uses its modules to improve the speaker by giving necessary feedbacks on
parameters like timing, number of fillers(words like ums and ahs) the person is
using and should reduce. I plan to use technology like that help me grow in
this field as well and make sure that I am not replaceable.

It’s high
time that we get creative as a society and bring out our best versions before
the machines bring out theirs. As Sydney J Harris said, “The real danger is not
that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think
like computers.”