I Americans die each year from things

I selected this quote because I find it fascinating that although relatively few Americans are killed as a result of terrorism, many Americans currently view terrorism as a huge threat to our country as well as the rest of the globe. While terrorism is indeed a troublesome issue, I believe Americans tend to overreact to terrorism, and our reaction has made the situation even worse. In Chappell’s interview, he discusses human phobia, which is the fear of human-on-human violence. He points out that far more Americans die each year from things like smoking and car accidents than from terrorism, yet we still smoke and drive everyday, mostly without fear. However, when there is a terrorist attack, it sparks a huge reaction throughout the country. There are so many things that are way more likely to kill people than terrorists, yet terrorism generates a much bigger reaction than most of those other things. We tend act in this disproportionate way because of human phobia. Intentional harm from another human being is most times seen as being more traumatizing than just accidents or harm from other sources, making our reaction to terrorism is so massive. This overreaction to terrorism is not only irrational, but is very dangerous because it is feeding into the desires of the terrorists and merely giving them more momentum. The American reaction to terrorism is largely based on fear and lacks strategy, coordination, and clear thinking. This reaction is dangerous because if we cannot focus on collaboration and reaching common goals and rather continue to act out in fear, we are going to further deteriorate our current global situation. We will create more accidental conflicts fueled by outrage and misunderstandings. My question for Chappell would be how can we, as a country, work to change people’s reaction to terrorism? Is there a cure for America’s human phobia, and if so, how do we implement it? When a large portion of the country is convinced that terrorism is one of the biggest pressing issues we face, it is difficult to get them to see it in a different light and change the way they react to it. This is especially difficult when the government tends to fuel and manipulate our country’s human phobia, rather than help provide a solution. A relevant example of this would be Donald’s Trump campaign for the 2016 presidential election. A big selling point for Trump’s campaign was his promise to stop terrorists from attacking America. Trump’s speech is designed to turn people against each other rather than work together for a solution. His speech and speech like this is giving terrorists what they want and is producing outrage that increases terrorists recruitment efforts, therefore making the problem or terrorism worse.